Deep Blue Calendar Sobe Shootout

Deep Blue Calendar is one of the top glamour photoshoot events in the United States. This event brings the sexiest people to one of the most glamourous places on earth, South Beach, Miami!?The main goal of this event is to give models and photographers unique opportunities to enhance their portfolios and allow them to network with other professionals in the highly competitive glamour and fashion modeling industry.

Deep Blue groups a good amout of professional models and photographers,?makeup artists and hair stylists including Jeton Mullaliu an?Internationally known Master Hair Sylist. Jeton is?the main model recruiter for Deep Blue, and?Craig “Quimby” Chenosky, which is the founder of Deep Blue Calendar previously known as Sobe Shootout, is in charge of managing the event. Quimby and Jeton teamed up to make Deep Blue a TOP US modeling event.?

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Deep Blue Calendar Photoshoots

The last Deep Blue Calendar event was really amazing,?it started Nov 16th and ended Nov 20th, 2015, a multiday event with a very busy schedule, not only because of all the fashion and glamour photoshoots but also because all of the other included events produced by Deep Blue, like Miss South Beach 2016, Live Glamour Body Painting and VIP Roof Top Parties.?Deep Blue Event took place in 2?beautiful?South Beach, Miami?hotels. The Clevelander Hotel was the main stage for all live events, it gave people access to enjoy all the beauty and glamour and a more exclusive to photoshoots location, the Essex House. Imagen dozens of fashion and Glamour professionals working together in Miami Beach, all around the beautiful and exotic “Art Deco” area, it was a complete success, making Deep Blue once again to us the best event in the East Coast and a Win – Win option for people wanting to join future events.

Top Glamour Industry People

Deep Blue Calendar Featured?gorgeous?national and international models, some of the best in the glamour industry like Billie Jo Powers, Chrystiane Gaygher, Andrea Jarova, Olivia June and Alessandra Sironi current Miss South Beach 2016 and many other beautiful ladies. All these gourgoeus models worked with some of the most successful and talented professional photographers including Internationally recognized Fashion and Lifestyle Glamour Photographers like Steven Bagley, Alfredo Omana Padron and Chalo Garcia and Top Glamour and Boudoir Photographers like Danny Stein, Michael Abrams,?Tony Piazza,?Kim Brown, Jerry Steele, Edward Dante, Gerardo Arteaga, Michael Artemis among others. It also included the professional and?unique makeup artistry vision by?Kirsten Heath from No Bland Makeup and Dianna Elizabeth wich also joined the magical group of hair stylist list including Tim Nork and Jeton Mullaliu.

All these amazing people working together, with different perspectives created many high level and?tasteful?fashion and glamour?images.?Many of these photos are?now in the process of getting published in many different nationwide and international modeling publications, this being one of the main reasons why this event is a great portfolio development experience for those who are looking to gain more recognition and reach a higher level in the modeling industry.


Edward Dante
Jeton Mullaliu Alessandra Sironi
Dianna Elizabeth MUA
Tim Nork Hair Stylist
Alessandra Sironi
Steven Bagley
Michael Abrams
Gerardo Artiaga
Jerry Steele
Kim Brown
Deep Blue Event Sobe Shootout Miami