Olivia June

Olivia June is an international model with a world-class reputation. She sees modeling to be more than a pretty face or body structure rather it’s a means for her to express herself in a way that goes beyond words; it’s simply a way to express many things in an artistic and passionate way for her. Olivia’s passion for modeling started at a younger age and it didn’t take long before she becomes elite in the modeling industry. Her secret to staying fit is doing agility training, intervals, yoga, kickboxing, and her workout is four days a week. Also, her favorite healthy food is Salmon and broccoli.

Olivia’s unique personality can be described as pure, humorous, and contagious and her personality served to be her motivation. She has worked with various other top people in the industry and her love for challenges put her one step ahead of others. Her ability to look back a couple of years and see where she is today is enough to give her a calm heart and stay happy. More so, fashion and glamour remain her favorite photography style and her perfect location for a photoshoot is Havaski falls near Vegas. Olivia looks forward to model for the brand, Calvin Klein.

International Glamour Model

Furthermore, Olivia tries not to be tainted by the world around her as she loves to stay pure and be very positive towards everything. Her top destination she would love to visit includes; Bora bora, Thailand, and Philippines. She would like new models to rise to the top and her advice to them is to keep pushing for what they want and eventually they will get it.

In addition, besides her being a model she looks forward to becoming a great entrepreneur as she currently goes to school for marketing and she looks forward to getting signed and having her own clothing company. She believed Oprah to be a sophisticated, wise, and strong woman and she won’t mind interviewing her, to further learn one or two things from her. She admires Seth Rogan and her Favorite Band remains Kaskade. During her leisure time, she enjoys kickboxing and she loves to go outdoors and hike.

Olivia June


Please describe your personality?

I would say my personality is pure, humorous, and contagious. I have an energy that’s inviting

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about modeling I think it’s a way for me to express myself in a way that can never be explained.

Please tell us some of your Hobbies?

Some of my hobbies are kickboxing and I also love to go outdoors and hike

What makes you enjoy life the most?

Looking back the last year and seeing where I am now, it’s the true understanding of life and that alone makes me happy, the journey

What else you do besides modeling?

I go to school for marketing

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising.

I am not tainted by the world around me, I’m still pure and I’m very positive

Top Destinations in the world you want to visit?

Bora bora, Thailand, and the Philippines

Why did you start Modeling?

I started modeling a few years ago, it is a way to express many things in an artistic and passionate way.

How has modeling shaped your personality?

It’s just helped me release my artistic energy

What are your goals for your modeling? What’s next for you?

My goals are to get signed and start for own clothing company

Any recommendations you could give to new face models?

Keep pushing for what you want and eventually, you will get it

What is your favorite photography style?

Fashion and glamour

Which would be the perfect location for a Photoshoot?

Hrvatski falls near Vegas

Which Fashion Brand / Designer would you like to Shoot for?

Calvin Klein

Do you prefer Studio or Location?

I like both, but locations give you more options, so if I have to pick, then Location

How about you and Fitness?

I love fitness, I like to take care of my self

Do you practice any Sport?

I don’t practice a sport I just do agility training, intervals, yoga, and kickboxing

Do you have any routine to stay Fit?

I work out at least 4 days a week

Favorite Healthy Food?

Salmon and broccoli

If you could interview a great person, who would it be and why?

Oprah because she’s sophisticated, wise and a strong woman

Which TV, Movie personality you admire?

I admire Seth Rogan

Favorite Band, Singer, or DJ?


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Olivia June
Olivia June