Angel Beth

Angel Beth is born and raised in Florida and loves the sun and beaches. She is a wife, mother, model, and performer. She is a singer and song writer for a local rock band entitled “Refusal of Fate”. Writing is her passion. It is ingrained in her. Whether it is music, poetry, short stories, articles or the novel she is working on, writing is part of her daily life.

She comes from a unique perspective because she fights every day to remain healthy as she battles a rare and serious medical condition. This gives her the ability to remember just how precious life truly is and she appreciates moments frequently taken for granted. She uses this gift to touch others through multiple projects to help the homeless, victims of domestic violence, foster children and more.

You will find her articles full of life, love, and passion. Follow her column to learn more about her and watch for her pictures as she frequents in front of the lens as well.

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