Photographer Kim Martin Brown

Kim Martin Brown believes that if someone does what they loves, they will never work a day in their life and this is the case when it comes to him and his photography. Kim was born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica and he now has 15 years of photography experience. This international Beauty Photographer not only has excellent skill, but Kim Martin Brown also has a very dynamic perspective. His photos show that he is not limited to one style. His work is all over, including Fashion and Glamour looks, Artistic Portrait, Lifestyle Fashion, and Beauty Glamour. He is truly a multifaceted photographer.

Kim Martin Brown currently lives in South Florida. He works in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other close by locations but is not limited to those cities. Kim enjoys traveling. His photo tours in New York, Washington D.C. and Baltimore brought back amazing work and he is looking forward to shoots in many other places. Photography is his first love and traveling is his second, they complement each other very well.

Kim is the founder of This is where he puts his passion for photography. Make sure you check it out and if you want to see even more, follow his social media links:

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