Luciano Zaldarriaga

Luciano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 9th 1979, 35 summers away. He is a Beauty & Glamour Photographer, he also enjoys sports photography and has a degree in Social Communications. Luciano, also know as Luccho was raised between slide pictures, Polaroids and film negatives, because his father was a photography enthusiast, his parents house had photos all over the place, which made Luccho continue the tradition by filling his walls with his own photography work. It’s been 15 years since he started his photography journey. Luccho started doing Weddings, Birthdays and social events.

He became interested in Art, that moved him to the theaters, musicals and then Beauty, Glamour and Fashion Photography. He has been in the Beauty and Fashion Industry for more than 10 years. He really enjoy doing studio and On Location photo shoots.

“I Started my Photography Journey about 15 years ago”

He’ve had the pleasure to work with several Argentinian Top models, such Leticia Altamirano, Giselle G?mez Rol?n, Noelia Parra, Yesica Heldrink, Luly Drozdek, Paula Acquesta, Romina Barbaro, Melina Feito, Micaela Bagatoli, Almendra M?naco, Paula Avila, Maria Laura Gaffuri, Yamila Gabarr?, Cintia Alonso and Fiama Ormaechea.

How to Contact Luciano “Luccho” Zaldarriaga:

Twitter: @luchozalda

Contact: [email protected]