Christopher Sampson Fashion Photographer

Christopher Sampson is a Beauty and Fashion Photographer from Norfolk, Virginia. Chris became fascinated with photography, he realized that his perspective combined with light and shadows could tell a story. Christopher Sampson is an avid artist that dreams in aperture and expression, a dreamer that wants to share his unique perspective with the world. He sees himself somewhere between suave nerd and engineer, kind of like the quintessential symbiosis of art and science.

Blowing the highs, and Burning the lows!

He loves using shadows, removing all distraction and breaking the rules to allow the soul of an image speak for itself, he calls his work Soul Contrast. Chris prefers to shoot in black and white almost exclusively, but he also enjoys colorful images, Christopher Sampason Beauty and Glamour Photography is full of style and color.

“I break all kinds of rules and live for contrast”

Most of Chris fashion photography experience came from a stint with two of his mentors, a big time wedding photographer, and a top fashion photographer. Some of his biggest influences are Georges Antoni, Jason Kibbler, Kesler Tran, Charles Lucima, steven meisel, Bill Jones, Juco Photo. All this inspiration, his own perspective, style, goals and dreams is what makes Christopher Sampson one of the best fashion photographers in Virginia.

Dreams and Goals as a Fashion Photographer

Christopher’s short term goals are getting to know as many fashion designers as possible in New York, and building business relationships with them. He finds inspiration from creative individuals. Chris wants to shoot a billboard for a major campaign that will hang in Times Square. He believes one day his dreams of making photography a fulltime career will come true. Chris knows that networking combined with his photography skills is what brings the next big gig.

“I hope to have a chance to work with big companies on exotic projects and advertising campaigns”

Christoper Sampson is a Beauty, Fashion and Glamour photographer that believes his life would never be the same without photography.

Instagram: @Film.grain