Taylor Lydia

Taylor Lydia is a fun and unique experienced model, who has been modeling for over 5 years. Residing in Orlando, a college graduate, and working as a fine dining server, she still finds time to pursue her passion for modeling. She started modeling for a creative outlet, loving the photography and makeup side of it. She has grown as a model too. Starting by modeling clothing and accessories, she has grown into a successful glamour model. She has goals of branching out into further styles and looks forward to shooting underwater.

Taylor is not only beautiful but can hold her own in the video gaming industry, loves anime, she enjoys collecting makeup and is quite accomplished at applying makeup herself. She has attended an SPI Photography convention and an event with us, here at Intermodelo, and they both solidified her decision to pursue modeling and validated her passion for the industry.

She not only enjoys the networking aspect of modeling but loves the lifelong friends she has made. Having a competitive nature, modeling is a challenge she accepts and it forces her to stay on top of her game. Her creative side reminds her to let her personality show in her work so that she is set apart from the rest. This will allow her to build her brand so that she can reach her goal of inspiring others.

Model Interview

Mention some of the best events you have been part of as a model: Two of my favorite events would be the SPI convention held in Orlando and also the Intermodelo event. I made some great connections on both of those events through photographers and models. It reinforced for me personally why I got into this business because it’s validated my passion for modeling.

What other talents do you have? I would like to think I’m pretty talented at the game Overwatch. On a serious note, I am really into collecting and doing my makeup. I would like to think of myself as a professional makeup artist, without a license.

Photography Styles you like?

  • Fashion Editorials
  • Catalogues
  • Studio Art
  • Hair and Makeup Art
  • Lifestyle Fashion
  • Artistic Lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Glamour
  • Beach Glamour
  • Boudoir / Lingerie

Dream Location to be in a Photoshoot?

Somewhere tropical. I want to see the world.

Model Measurements

  • Height: 5’3
  • Bust & Cup: 32 A
  • Waist: 26
  • Hips: 30

Social Media Links

  • Instagram: TaylorLydiaa_
  • Facebook: Taylor Lydia
  • Snapchat: TeenieTinyTaylor
  • Twitch: TinyTaylor