Stephanie Waywood

Stephanie is a fun and unique experienced fashion and lifestyle model living in Florida. She is a Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleader for Arena Football and has been dancing for 23 years. She is very active and in her words, she is always moving. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis on Culture and Media from the University of South Florida.

Stephanie is quite talented at braiding hair and has found this to be a helpful and unique skill that she has taken advantage of for photoshoots. Her uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Her active and fun-loving personality is also shown in her ability to walk on her hands!

She enjoys the opportunity to work with other creative minds in the area to develop unique and successful shots. She finds interests in many aspects of the industry such as Fashion Editorials, Glamour modeling with an emphasis on the beach, as well as lifestyle and commercial print.

Stephanie is a very focused individual who is skilled at learning and developing herself. She is strong and obviously very active and has an energetic and magnetic personality. In the film, this energy transfers well and she hopes to make a career of modeling. Currently, she is diligently working to get published and bring attention to her brand. While skilled at many things, her ability to evoke a sense of movement on film creates photos that tell a story and bring the viewer straight to the set. It is with this talent that she will find great success.

Model Interview

What is your main goal in modeling?

My main goal is to make it as a known model in this industry. Also to make this my career and quit my “day job”

What are your short term goals in modeling?

My short term goals are to get my work published and have the opportunity to work with other creative minds in the area.

Photography styles you like

Fashion Editorials, Glamour Beach, Lifestyle & Commercial


What other talents do you have?

I have been dancing for 23 years and counting!

What are your Hobbies?

I am actually obsessed with braiding hair! I’ve done it my whole life and I’m finally using it to my advantage with photoshoots and weddings!

How do you stay in shape?

I am always active and moving! Between dance, work, and going to the gym all the time, I maintain great health!

What else you do besides modeling?

I am a Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleader for Arena Football

Do you have a degree or are you currently in school?

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Emphasis in Culture and Media from USF.

Tell us anything else you would like us to know about you

I can walk on my hands probably better than i can walk on my two feet! haha

Model Details

  • Height?5’6″
  • Bust & Cup?34A
  • Waist?27″
  • Hips?31″

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