Selma Vidinlic

Selma Vidinlic is an International model from Hungary. Selma’s Modeling experience has opened many doors for her in Florida’s main cities like Miami and Tampa Bay. She started modeling 2 years ago and one of the reasons she did it is because she wanted to get comfortable in front of the camera instead of being camera shy, wanted to conquer what scared her, but the main reason was that modeling is fun. Selma Vidinlic enjoys being glamourous, her beauty and style allow her to model for many beauty and glamour photographers. Selma’s main goal in modeling is being published in different Beauty and Glamour magazines. Selma Vidinlic enjoys shooting Glamour, including swimwear bikinis, lingerie, and artistic implied. She has been featured in different events like EW Styles and Obviously in our Intermodelo Glamour Models Photoshoot.


What are you Hobbies?

Jet skiing, juicing, cleaning, animals, sleeping

How do you stay in shape?

Living in Florida sure helps! Tons of healthy places to visit! I eat mostly a plant-based diet and drink a lot of water and raw organic juices. I avoid processed foods and soda or milk!

Photography Styles you like?

Beach Glamour, Boudoir / Lingerie, Artistic Nudes, and Implied Glamour

Dream Location to be in a Photoshoot?

Somewhere tropical

People you would like to Shout Out:

Barbara Kovach (Desiree). We shot together and I learned a lot from watching her! I definitely can say I admire her work and she’s an influencer of mine. Jcsmooth- takes amazing photos! Love his work. Very respectable photographer.

Likes: Food, sun, animals
Dislikes: Negativity


  • Bust /Cup: 34C
  • Waist: 26
  • Hips: 32
  • Height: 5’5″

Social Media

Instagram: @official_selmavidinlic

Photo Credits

Photos by Chalo Garcia
Intermodelo Glamour Photoshoot 2016
Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Selma Vidinlic
Miami Model Selma Vidinlic
Glamour Model Miami Selma Vidinlic
International Model Selma Vidinlic