Megan Brown

Megan is a gorgeous Fashion and Glamour Model from Rhodes, Michigan, United States.

She ventured to Tampa, Florida to continue her modeling career and to Join Hard Rock Cafe. Megan uses her spare time for school, modeling, and friends! her hobbies include modeling, cooking, reading, TV shows! Read Megan’s Interview below.


  • Height 5’8
  • Bust: 34 B
  • Waist: 28
  • Hips: 33
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Red

Model Interview

Megan, Please describe your personality?
I am a very bubbly, outgoing, and optimistic person! I love to take care of people and impress everyone!!! From a young age I have always tried to make myself someone everyone else wanted to look up to! To this day I think I struggle with it but try as hard as I can!

What are you passionate about?
I am so passionate with any task at hand and making myself better any way I can! I always grew up being told i “couldn’t ” or ” you will never be able to alone” and those words stuck and made me strive for the best of everything

Please tell us some of your Hobbies?
I love to read, mainly suspense, murder, or ghost books! But other than that I love to cook, write, and make new friends!

What makes you enjoy life the most??
I love adrenaline i get from modeling. Sometimes?I forget what it gives me, but once I do a shoot it reminds me how much I love to let my body speak how I feel. Let everything off my mind and just show my passion rather than feel it!

What else you do besides modeling?
I read, work at hard rock as a high limit server, and enjoy every moment I am given

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising.
I am a huge book nerd. I graduated high school with a 3.957

Top Destinations in the world you want to visit?
Australia, Italy, and ?Greenland


Why did you start Modeling?
I started it because growing up I always kept up with fashion and always watched those Victoria secret models. I always wanted to be one. I always wished I could have enough talent.

How has modeling shaped your personality?
It has made me stronger and make me realize how fierce I can make myself!

What are your goals for your modeling? What’s next for you?
Honestly I want to take it as far as I can! I know it takes a lot of work! I am always willing to do the work as long as I have the right person guiding me!

Any recommendations you could give to new face models?
Be fierce! Be proud and more importantly be you.


What is your favorite photography style? Commercial, Fashion, Artistic, Glamour, Portrait, etc
Glamour for sure!

Which would be the perfect location for a Photoshoot?
It would be in the rainforest or ocean!

Which Brand / Designer would you like to Shoot for?
I would love and dream for Victoria secret! But love any world famous magazine!

Do you prefer Studio or Location?
On Location!

Health & Fitness

How about you and Fitness?
I won’t lie I do not work out at all!

Do you practice any Sport?
I do not currently! I used to do competition cheer and dance

Do you have any routine to stay Fit?
I eat healthy but I love fruits and veggies!

Favorite Healthy Food?
I love broccoli, chicken, beans, and so much more!


If you could?interview?a great person, who would it be and why?
I would interview honestly I do not know. I would want to interview some one who knew exactly what they were down no in modeling. And how to get where I want to be. I always a, looking for inspiration!

Which TV, Movie personality you admire?
I admire Taylor swift. Mainly because she will not give into what people want even if it makes her more money!

Favorite Band, Singer or DJ?
They fray.

Follow Megan on Instagram: @meganbrownnnn17

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