Lauren Gav

Lauren Gav is a triple threat. You’ve heard the term, and yes, that’s this beauty inside and out. She not only is beautiful with a girl next door charm, but she has an amazing singing voice, as well as an acting background.

Lauren is also a very driven young girl. She graduated from the Academy of Finance and is currently attending the University of Central Florida (UCF). Even her college studies compliment her modeling career as she is focused on Business Marketing revolving around Social Media Branding. She believes networking and interacting with professionals are a basic asset of any successful model and we agree! Maintaining her figure is easy for her since she loves nutrition and fitness. Lauren pays close attention to her activity levels and what types of foods she is fueling her body with every day. Lauren will walk long distances instead of driving for a good cardio workout. She also enjoys biking, running, the elliptical, and has been playing volleyball for five years.

Lauren is looking for agency representation, is interested in shooting for magazine publication, and dreams of making it big. She wants to be an example and role model for young women and prove that modeling is not specific to one body type, height, or look.


What are your short term goals in modeling?

My short-term goals in modeling are to: be selected for the 2018 Miss international World Pageant, apply and receive acceptance into an agency, and to be featured in a magazine.

What are you Hobbies?

I genuinely enjoy traveling for photoshoots, singing covers of artists’ songs, and getting involved on my college campus at the University of Central Florida.

What else you do besides modeling?

I sing covers of songs, enjoy time spent with family and friends, and enjoy spending my time doing anything artistic.

Model Details

  • Height: 5’7
  • Bust & Cup: 34B
  • Waist: 25
  • Hips: 34

Modeling Styles Lauren likes:

Fashion Editorials, Hair / Makeup Fashion, Beauty Photoshoots, Glamour Beach, Glamour Lingerie, Lifestyle & Commercial, Themed Photoshoots, Artistic Themes.

Social Media:

Instagram: @laurengav_

Photoshoot Credits

Photography: Chalo Garcia @photosbychalo