Caroline Lopes – Rio de Janeiro Fitness Model

Food cravings can haunt people. Unhealthy choices are everywhere you look, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone with the will power to withstand them. Glamour and fitness model Caroline Lopes does not find this a challenge. Maintaining a healthy diet and fitness regimen is part of her daily life and she is proud to say that she does not easily break her diet.

Photography by Guilherme Lima ? in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Photography by Guilherme Lima ? in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As an experienced Bikini and Lingerie Glamour model, she has learned to love herself and her body. This growing confidence shows in front of the camera. She enjoys inspiring others to love their bodies and be comfortable with their own image. Modeling allows her to display the pride she has from working hard to maintain health, wellness, and strength.

Caroline enjoys a heavy workout routine that includes weight lifting and HITT. She has even put her hard work to the test and competed in the IFBB Fitness Model 2015 Competition in Perth, Australia, where she was one of the top 12 winning models. Caroline is no stranger to competition though and has also won the first runner up in Miss Rio de Janeiro 2016 Universe in Rio, Brazil, and was one of the top 3 in the Miss Fashion Week 2016 Beauty Pageant in Miami, Florida.

Besides fitness and nutrition, Caroline also enjoys fine dining. She is currently in school, studying Biomedical Science, and will soon have her bachelor’s degree. Clearly no stranger to education, she hopes to also continue to learn more about acting and posing. 

Caroline’s long-term goal is to have an established international career in modeling. Though she currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, this Brazilian native enjoys traveling. She also enjoys glamour modeling, lifestyle and catalog modeling, artistic photoshoots, and dreams of one day shooting in the snow. With strength, perseverance, beauty, and a rocking body to match, we look forward to seeing Caroline’s gorgeous pictures all over the world, continuing to inspire and motivate.

Intermodelo Photoshoot with beautiful Miss Fashion Week Brazil 2017 – Caroline Lopes. Caroline is a Fitness Model living in Rio, Brazil, and a traveling promo and fashion model with work experience in different cities around the globe.

Gallery Photos by Chalo Garcia, Miami FL for Intermodelo Magazine