Angelica Quiñones

My name is Angelica Quinones and I’m from St.Pete, Florida.

I started about 6 years ago being apart of a local runway show and I hope to be apart of a lot more in the future. I love modeling because it’s a way to build confidence and a way to meet new people from different places.

Model Details:

  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 115
  • Bust: 33
  • Waist: 26
  • Hips: 36
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic ( Half Colombian, half Honduran)

Model Interview:


Please describe your personality?
I would describe myself as outgoing and adventurous.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about music, I love dancing to it and listening to it.

Please tell us some of your Hobbies?
I love playing the piano, modeling and playing video games.

What makes you enjoy life the most?
Making people happy and trying new things.


At what point did you decide you wanted to be a model?
I had a friend that was doing runway shows and she introduced me to my first runway show and ever since then i have loved being in front of cameras.

How has modeling shaped your personality?
Modeling has definitely built up my confidence and social skills.

Please describe your favorite experience as a model so far and what made it so special?
My favorite experience so far was being featured in a magazine, that has always been one of my dreams since I’ve started modeling.

What are your goals for your modeling? What’s next for you?
I hope to be in more magazines and hopefully become a model for a clothing site.


What type of modeling related photography do you like the most?
I love artsy photography, pictures that tell a story mean so much more than just a picture.

If you have to pick a photoshoot, would you pick Fashion or Glamour?
I would pick fashion, there are so many different looks you can get and stories you can tell just from what you’re wearing.

Have you done any boudoir Photography?
No I haven’t, I prefer high fashion photography.

Mention 3 Photographers you have worked with, that have insipired you?
The only photographer I have worked with that stands out to me would be Chalo Garcia. Chalo has a professional, comfortable environment and has an amazing eye when it comes to photography.

Health & Fitness

How about you and Fitness?
I try to workout but can’t seem to find time with school.

Do you practice any Sport?
No I don’t.

Do you have any routine to stay Fit?
No I don’t do anything.

Favorite Healthy Food?
I love eating fruits in the morning with my breakfast, it definitely helps me prepare for school days.

Inspiration and Admiration

If you could interview a great person, who would it be and why?
I am a science major so I would definitely interview Nikola Tesla and see what other ideas he would have to solve our energy problems.

Which TV, Movie personality you admire?
I would say Stephen Colbert because he is not afraid to speak his mind in a funny and entertaining way.

Favorite Band, Singer or DJ?
My favorite band would be Queen and singer would be LIGHTS.

Music / Song that makes you raise your hands and feel alive?
My favorite type of music would be techno.

More About Angelica

What makes you feel sexy?
Being confident which could either come from wearing new makeup or a new outfit.

How would your perfect date night be, and where?
I am a homebody so anything low key just watching movies and talking.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising.
I never took lessons playing the piano, I taught myself and learned how to play classical music with both my hands in one day.

Any place in the world where you would like to travel?
I would love to go to Spain, I have family that live there but I have never been to Europe.

Angelica Qui?ones