Emily Hafley

Emily Hafley

My goal is to reach a point in my modeling career where I can inspire other models, artists, and photographers in their own careers. I want to grow in my modeling skills to the point in having the opportunity to influence and encourage other girls like myself to follow their dreams. I also have the vision to gain a collection of modeling photos from around the world and with a never-ending variety of designers, photographers, makeup artists, etc.

Model Stats

Age: 23
Heigh: 5'7 / 0' 2"
Bust: 36 C
Waist: 25
Hip / Inseam: 37
Dress: M
Shoe: 8 - 39
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Long
Experience: No Experience

Modeling Experience

Four years ago I was asked by a photographer to take pictures for a small boutique shop in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. I had no modeling experience and was super nervous on my first photoshoot. After years of trial and error work, I am now signed with the Robert Black/Ford agency in Scottsdale, Arizona and TLC modeling agency in Las Vegas. I have been fortunate to work with amazing photographers and artists on larger projects for companies including Walmart, Sears, and Macy’s. Still today, I am always trying to expand my experience by working with new artists and companies. I mostly shoot in e-commerce, commercial, and fashion but always love to explore new photoshoot ideas and concepts.

A high quality diversified portfolio is a never ending goal for almost any creative type in the modeling or photography world.

I love exploring new cultures and parts of the world. My biggest hobby is traveling, at my current age of 21 I have been to 54 countries. I love to try new cuisines, make lasting memories, and meet new people through travel. I’m currently in Lima, Peru exploring the amazing history and artwork of the native Inca people. I think understanding different communities other than your own is very important to growing in knowledge and understanding of the world.

After devoting years of time and work to modeling, my effort and time has slowly turned into an addictive passion that I am always craving to further explore.

  • Model for the Robert Black/Ford agency in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Model for TLC modeling agency in Las Vegas
  • Productions for Walmart, Sears, and Macy’s
  • Model in International Fashion Editorials

Interested in Modeling

  • Acting
  • Catalogue
  • Commercial Ads
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Lifestyle
  • Lingerie
  • Movie / Short Film
  • Parts Modeling
  • Photoshoots Beauty & Glamour
  • Photoshoots Fashion Editorials
  • Portrait Practice
  • Promotional Modeling
  • Fashion Runway

Talents and Additional Skills

Acting, Hosting

Model Portfolio

Photo Credits:Makeup by Glenmar Hall - Dress by Lola's Design - Accessories by Eddie Abarca - Photography by Chalo Garcia