Model Composite

Our Online Model Composite Card is a very innovative way of presenting your model stats and favorite photos in castings or other selection process related to the Beauty & Fashion or Marketing Industry. Just to mention a couple of advantages of having them Online; you will never run out of Comp Cards, and you can present your Composite anywhere in the World at anytime.

Recommended option for people who want to start modeling or New Face Models.

The Model Composite Package includes a Domain Name and an email address, for example: [email protected], also a 3 Composite Slide Show, each with 3 to 5 photos. You can send your comp card or we can create them with your professional photos. Your model stats like measurements, age, and contact information and social media links ( Facebook, Twitter, etc ) will also be part of the Online Model Composite and optionally, you can have a Visitor Counter in your page too, that will let you know how many visitors you have had since you started your Model Composite.

Model Composite | Total Price: $199

  • Free Domain Name and Hosting 1st Year ( $100 per year after 1st Year )
  • 1 Email Address your [email protected]

Landing Page Includes

  • Slideshow ( 3 to 5 pro images per composite )
  • Model Stats and Social Links
  • Contact Form
  • Visitor Counter ( Optional )

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