Valentina Velikova

We are pleased to have Valentina Velikova, a new up-and-coming MUA, join the team. Valentina born in Bulgaria in 1985, has always had a passion for make-up artistry. Even as a small child she would play with her mother’s lipsticks and mascaras. In 2011, she attended a seminar on beauty, make-up, and reinventing yourself. It was that day that she knew this was her calling. Realizing that the tricks of the trade, her tools, and her skills were a gift she could share with clients that would transform the way they viewed themselves in the mirror.

Beginning as a hobby and quickly becoming her work, she found interest in both natural looks used for photo shoots and weddings, as well as special effects for characters in movies, zombies, wounds and cuts. She works mainly with the professional products Kryolan and Mac. In 2014, she moved to the United States and now resides in Florida where her career, her passion, is taking off.

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