April Marie Olivas

An exquisite style mixed with impeccable professionalism is what April Marie stands for. With over 20 years of experience as a Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Cosmetologist in the world’s biggest Fashion and Beauty hubs, April offers unique and innovative designs. Using the latest tools and technologies, she is sure to bring the best out of your hair and skin. Plus, her luxurious services together with the meticulous attention to detail leave you feeling renewed.

Due to her extensive familiarity of working with various artists in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Rome, April’s creativity and spotlight designs make you magazine cover ready. From being a Hair Color Specialist, Hi Lite Expert and Texture Certified to Custom Directional Hair Cutting, she is the first to attend top notch seminars and trainings on the latest trends. Her diverse and impressive portfolio includes: Imdb Film Credits, HDTV, OWN Network, Green Screen, In Studio, Photo Shoots, Salon Management and Training Specialist.

Nevertheless, what sets April apart is not the number of certificates, but her genuine passion for what she does and the constant desire to make every interaction with a client a life changing event. Ever since you step through the door, you are treated like royalty. April listens to your needs and desires and applies her professional experience to cater to your taste and personality. Her positive aura, demeanor and constant smile will make every visit a relaxing experience. She is guaranteed to pamper and give you the best professional advice. You deserve to be the one who stands out everyday and this is what April gets done!

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