Danielle Selby by ZS Portraits

From Muhammad Ali to Jennifer Lawrence, thriving talent is being born and bred in Louisville Kentucky. Born on November 1st, the older of two children of scandinavian decent hailing from the “502”, Danielle Selby, also known by her handle mssoellegant, is an entrepreneur with a booming reputation in the Derby City.

Ms. So Ellegant, Danielle Selby is not only known for her breathtakingly good looks, but also for her award winning personality. She is notable for gracing the pages of countless print publications, her alluring presence in local recording artists? music videos, elite web features, Ms. December in the Harley Davidson 2017 Calendar, and sundry promotional work. Uncommonly known, Danielle is a Magna Cum Laude Scholar with multiple degrees under her belt. She is also an astoundingly entwined artist. Entirely savvy with many types of dance & music, at the tender young age of 11, Danielle?s goal was to attend Juilliard Performing Arts School. Although she attended high school at Mayme S. Waggener, after 2 years she decided to obtain her GED. Unfortunately, her dreams were put to a halt with the birth of her first child at the age of 18. This was not a failure, but yet a redirection. From a rocky adolescence to surviving an abusive relationship and dealing with many of life’s challenges along the way, Danielle hopes her story will empower women from all walks of life! A natural philanthropist, Danielle has a love for advocating and assists with many charities including PETA, Planned Parenthood, & Unify Water just to name a few.

Modeling has opened the door to many opportunities for Danielle, and while she loves being able to creatively express herself, she is currently working to further her career as an entrepreneur, advocate and motivational speaker. She takes pride in her work along with being professional and building strong business relationships. She is not the industry standard and that’s more of a reason to book her with the confidence that she will enhance your business or brand.

When she is not gracing the covers of countless magazines and websites, Danielle is either focusing on her business, in the gym, studying or spending time with her beautiful blended family. Her optimism, professionalism and outgoing personality leaves an impression you won?t soon forget. To stay up to date on this young trailblazer and her endeavors, or to see her full resume be sure to follow her on all social media @mssoellegant.

Model: Danielle Selby @mssoellegant
Photographer: Zack Staten @zstaten.photo @zs.portraits
HMUA: @mssoellegant
Wardrobe: @dbleudazzled
Location: Louisville KY