Whiskini Bikinis

I came across Whiskini Bikinis on Instagram and instantly fell in love. Each bikini I have received has perfectly sculpted to my body. The versatile strings have provided me with a swimsuit that can be worn multiple ways, no matter your body type. I?ve had many people reach out to me about where they can find these fabulous suits. When I tell them it is an Instagram based company producing reversible, handmade bikinis, with the exact print and suit style you desire at a reasonable price, they think it is too good to be true. I?m here to tell you that it?s not!

When 23-year-old Sarah Yamnitz began her journey three years ago. ?I was so sick of paying out the ass for low quality, non-original swimwear. So I took matters into my own hands and Whiskini Bikini was born.? Yamnitz had a sewing background but completely self-taught the art of bikinis on her living room floor. She personally designs all her swimwear styles, using no patterns or prints. ?It?s just nonstop creating and sleepless nights at my workspace until I have perfected every style to be boldly unique, one of a kind, and flattering to ever body shape.?

Yamnitz has come a long way with over 50 prints and solids to choose from. When I began to build this brand I knew I wanted everything to be customized by the buyers and reversible to make the suits even more affordable by getting not one, but two bikinis.? You can be bold and pattern clash, or keep it timeless and sleek with beautiful neutral solids.

Whisknis are also customized with sizing. ?I have always had an issue with being an ?in-between-er? with sizing,? said Yahmintz. With Whiskini Bikinis there is no standard SM/MED/LRG, everything is custom made, specifically for your unique measurements.

?This brand is all about being confident in your own skin, being unapologetic, not getting ripped off by the large corporation, and knowing that you are buying a badass, one of a kind product that is handmade with love, passion and an unstoppable drive.?
?Sarah Yahmintz

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Photos by Brandon Verdura