Swimwear Fashion by Mapal?

Bringing Paradise Home

Mapal?A beautiful trip to an island resort or adventure aboard a paradise cruise create multiple memories of both fun and relaxation. It can be a sad moment when it’s time to leave, however bringing a piece of that vacation home with you can make the departure a little less sour. Souvenirs, however adorable, tend to get lost on the back of a shelf but sexy island resort wear and swimwear picked up along the way can help you relive your adventures and allow you to feel just as sexy and free as you did in paradise.

Mapal? is a gorgeous designer wholesale line of loungewear, swimwear, active wear, and resort wear that reflects both style and comfort and is found in resorts, beach stores, surf shops, and cruise ships. They fully sponsored the?Ms International World and the Ms Latina International Pageants and provided the competition swimwear for the contestants, in addition to swimwear for the official island photoshoot.

Mapale Resort Swimwear

The high hipped thong and plunging neckline of the competition black one-piece bathing suit was not only sexy but fashionable and was a huge hit as the women walked the runway on the cruise ship. The gorgeous bikinis they rocked during the photoshoot were bright and vibrant and reflected the women’s upbeat and positive energies. Mapal? sponsorship included all garments were fully donated and the competitors were able to keep the designer pieces, bringing their Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ship adventures home with them.

Mapal? has been in business for 40 years and uses only American and South American made fabrics and products to create their designs. The have over 800 employees in Colombia and 20 in Miami. The design team has mastered the balance of comfort and fashion while providing a sexiness to the wearer that is mesmerizing. The growing company even has a designer line for children called Color Fingers that uses UPF protective fabrics that are not only adorable but also provide sun protection for youngsters.


The company is not only good at what they do, but like the Ms International World and Ms Latina International Pageant systems *, Mapal? has a heart for community. After the destruction that Hurricane Irma unleashed on the Florida Keys, Mapal? donated pajamas and sundresses to the devastated victims. This is just one example of the heart the company presents and one of the many reasons why they were a perfect addition to the pageant.?Pageantry is all about community and heart and allows the competitors to bring attention and awareness to a cause that is dear to them. It is only fitting to be paired with a company with the same goals.

Having a swimwear company sponsorship that has the same passions as well as incredible designer pieces that the women were able to bring home with them as the memento of the experience, was the perfect complement to an amazing cruise line pageant in paradise.

Mapal? Swimwear

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Mapal? Swimwear