JB Couture by Judith Barnes

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Judith Barnes by Julie Nichols

Many little children play with dolls, dress them up, and have little conversations with them. At that very young impressionable age, so many youngsters are using their imagination to tell stories and have parties and make friends. However, every now and again, one of those imaginative little kids is born with a gift of creativity and vision. They are not just having their dolls talk and walk and dance, they are putting together their outfits, pairing their accessories and spending countless hours sketching out designs for that one of a kind creation.

Judith Barnes was that child. She always knew that she had a passion for design. She describes how alive she becomes when she gets in a new fabric. Only then does it seem to speak to her and tell her exactly what it will become. Many times when she is working with a client, inspiration strikes as she is draping the fabric across their skin. The design unfolds in her mind as if that particular fabric was always meant to become that gown for that particular person. She explains, “the pattern will reveal itself”.

It’s not a surprise when picturing young little Judith sketching away her own Barbie doll clothing line that she starting her career as an artist. But like life often can do, she took a path less obvious. For 16 years she worked in banking and though she did love her job, she still found time for her true passion. Judith continued to design and wore her unique pieces to work every day. She consistently received accolades on your gorgeous sense of style and starting receiving requests from people for Judith to design things for them as well.


Though working in banking isn’t what she aspired to do, Judith feels this career was pivotal in her success as a fashion designer. It was here that she grew to discover the enormous need women have for help in the fashion department. Many women don’t understand style, or what shapes compliment their figure, and how to dress professionally and fashionably at the same time. Her frequent requests for advice and guidance showed her that women needed to be able to have affordable clothing that made them feel as incredible as they already were. The confidence gained from a well fit suit can be the one thing that pushes a women to walk into that business meeting with her head held high.

JB Couture by Julie NicholsIn 2007 Judith graduated with her BBA in Fashion Design and Marketing and displayed some of her creations in a local fashion show. Since then she has exploded with success with her company JB Couture and has won numerous awards such as Best Dressed, Best Designer, Women of Color, Women Supporting Women and many more. She continues to have a heart for helping others and has participated in multiple charity events.

Judith loves what she does and sees creations every where she looks. She loves working with clients to create a unique and flattering piece. She creates everything from bikinis, to business wear, to formal gowns. Most recently Judith’s gorgeous creations were worn by the models and beauty queen in Miss International World 2018 that took place in the Bahamas. Judith designed a special gown for each girl and sponsored their look for the competition.

Judith’s style is timeless. She is most inspired by the 40’s and 50’s time periods because of the balance of both glamour and class. The hairstyles and accessories from that time also speak to her. She enjoys creating things that though they may have an antique look, the style remains popular for years to come. Her mission is to empower women everywhere one unique garment at a time.

To learn more about Judith Barnes and her beautiful designs please visit JB Couture on Facebook.

Images of JB Couture by Julie Nichols – Ms. International World 2018