Infinity Apparel and Designs by Jessy DeFeitas

Actively Motivating Change

As technology grows, getting what we need is becoming easier and easier. Most things are a couple clicks away and take minimal effort. Our lifestyles are becoming more confined, we are becoming more restricted, and entirely less active. Fitness is often thought of as a fad or worse, an obligation. Many women struggle with this vicious cycle of knowing they need to work out but don’t feel confident enough to get out there and do anything about it. After a long day of work and errands, finally getting home doesn’t inspire further effort by then beginning a workout. By then, you just want to relax. Going to a gym or fitness facility can be more effective, but standing in front of mirrors and numerous on-lookers when you are already feeling insecure can be too damaging to even motivate a person to start. So how do we break this cycle and pull out from this downward spiral?

Jessy DeFreitas spent 15 years of her life working in that type of environment. Working in Financial Services for AIG she saw many women tearing themselves down simply because they lacked a quality health and fitness lifestyle. Having a passion for working out and dancing, she wanted to share this love with her coworkers. She discovered quickly the cycle that many of them were finding themselves in and she was determined to find a way to motivate and inspire change.

Growing up, Jessy’s mother was a New York fashion designer and she enjoyed watching her mother create unique and gorgeous gowns for entire wedding parties, including the wedding gowns themselves. Having a great sense of style and an eye for detail were definitely traits her mother passed to on to her. It didn’t take long before Jessy took her passions and skill sets and combined them.

Jessy realized that if you take a woman and put her in flattering and fashionable active wear, she will feel good about herself even before she is able to begin to work on the goals she has set forth in front of herself. This confidence is so motivating that goals are considerably more achievable. Positive energy truly is everything!

Jessy was on a mission to change the world. She took design classes at the Art Institute to further her craft. She searched through thousands of fabric colors and patterns and spent countless hours researching fabric material so that her goal of health and wellness was continued all the way through to the type of linen used to produce her garments. She wanted something breathable, something that prevented odors from accumulating and bacteria from building. She tested her prototypes herself as well as had her dear friend who owns a professional basketball team test the prototypes as well. She wasn’t satisfied until she found the best option for her new line.

Jessy’s company, Infinity Apparel and Designs, Inc is set out to make women everywhere feel beautiful. Motivate them to make healthy changes for themselves so that we can mentor the new generations to do better, eat healthier, and exercise regularly. Jessy had even launched a “Bridal Boot Camp” to help train entire bridal parties so that they could reach their goals in a healthy way by the big day.

Over the years, Jessy’s active wear designs have been seen in the Cricket USA- US Open as a Fitness Sponsor, the Launch Fashion Week, and Miss Latina Organization events. Most recently, she sponsored the Miss International World 2018 Pageant that took place on a cruiseline in the Bahamas by providing activewear for all the pageant contestants.

As a mother, grandmother, and designer, it is easy to see that Jessy is filled with love and passion. Her giving heart and desire to help others feel beautiful, motivated, and encouraged is not only commendable but is demonstrated by every unique, sexy, and vibrant active wear outfits that she creates. Wearing an?Infinity Apparel and Designs, Inc?active wear set truly is inspiring.

All Images by Julie Nichols for during Ms. International World 2018 – Models: Lauren Gav, Francisca Garcia,?Mso Maya Vershina, Adriana de San,? Kelsey LaBarbera, Natasha Mendez,?Karina Andujar, Alexia Marie, Moneke Candace Batts, Edwards, Sara Hassan, Chloe New, Rebecca Hardt

Infinity Apparel and Designs - Photo by Julie Nichols

Infinity Apparel and Designs - Photo by Julie Nichols