Amanda Rojas a young woman with lack of mobility competes for the crown

Amanda Rojas is a 17-year-old girl suffering from spastic diplegia that wants to empower women and other people with disabilities by entering as one of the candidates for the Costa Rica Intercontinental Beauty contest. This is an inclusive competition that meets its ninth edition this year. Being able to be a positive influence is what motivated Amanda Rojas to participate in this event. Walking down the runway with a walker is not her only challenge, Amanda also participated in the official beauty contest photoshoot posing for the lens wearing different looks and styles in different? scenes.

Spastic diplegia is a motor impairment due to brain injuries that causes muscle weakness and stiffness of the legs, making it difficult to maintain posture and balance. It manifests itself in infancy and early childhood.

“When I was about to be born, the delivery got complicated, the doctors explained that I pushed too hard to get out and a little vein in my brain got burst, that could have caused the lack of mobility I experience in my lower extremities,” Amanda explained.

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Reina Costa Rica Intercontinental

The contestants started their way to the crown this past Sunday, March 15th, when they were officially presented at the Barcel? San Jos? Palacio in Costa Rica.

Amanda is one of 48 candidates competing to become the absolute queen in their category Teen, Petite, Miss, Lady and More than Beauty. Among the contestants are candidates who suffer from alopecia, cancer patients and survivors.

More than Beauty is a new category that was included back in 2016 and as its name suggests, seeks to elect a queen beyond its beauty. “The contest already had a wheelchair queen, who in 2019, won the More than Beauty category” said Jos? V?sconez, director of the contest.

Participation Requirement: A natural hair wig!Reina Intercontinental

Contestants must donate a 20-centimeter wig to “Proyecto V?sconez”, an initiative that seeks to collect and donate 100 wigs per year to cancer patients. The finalist candidates of the national edition will be godmothers of patients who are in waiting for their wig. Proyecto V?sconez will be donating these wigs to girls and adults across the country.

Candidates between the ages of 13 and 40 will go through a series of challenges, including swimsuit, cultural festival and a National Sports Day challenge. Each challenge will add up to a score that will be accumulating points for the Final Gala as well as those from the online voting contest sponsored by Intermodelo.

You can check the online vote contest here.