Ms. International World and Latina International Pageants

The Drive to Find True Beauty with Purpose

Angela Posillico

In the beauty and fashion world, there is no end to the amount of gorgeous models you can find. However, the cross over to the pageant world is much more challenging and unique. These women are not just models with a gorgeous face, great body, with the ability to pose properly for that one incredible photo. Pageant queens have a sense of purpose and drive for something much larger than themselves. Because they all represent a platform, a purpose, and follow through with community service and public speaking, they are more than just models. They are mentors.

Understanding just how much goes into the creation of a successful pageant is best known from a previous pageant queen. Angela Posillico has a long standing history working in the pageant systems in multiple facets. She has over 27 years of cosmetic experience, working with almost every major line in the country. She was even a trainer for Lancome for 12 years. Working at a makeup counter, she would find pageant competitors frequently came in requesting assistance with makeup. At one point, one of the competitors hired her to attend the pageant and be her makeup artist for the course of the competition. This put her foot in the door and she continued working pageants as a makeup artist.

With a Masters in Operatic Studies, she graduated from Juilliard School of Music and started her adult life as a successful and professional singer. Occasionally performers would not show for pageants or would cancel at the last minute. With her tremendous background and training, Angela

Pageant Competitors

started to perform at pageants as well. It is no great surprise that working behind the scenes, stepping on stage as a performer, and with her incredible beauty, that Angela would eventually begin competing as well. She won multiple large scale pageants over the years such as Greatest Legs in New Jersey sponsored by Budweiser, Mrs. New Jersey Globe 1996, and won the Ms. Morganville New Jersey USA pageant of 1997.

With all this experience under her belt, before you knew it, Angela was directing. However, it wasn’t until her big move to Florida that her vision really revealed itself. Angela noticed that there was a HUGE Latin presence in Florida but no crossover to the American market. She endeavored to change this and created the Ms. Latina International Pageant where women who had a least a 25% Latin background were able to compete. But by 2007, she sought out to give women without a Latin background a prestigious system and created the Ms. International World. Both systems compete over a 3 day and 2 night cruise to the Bahamas.

Angela is meticulous about her pageants. They are glamorous, fast paced, highly competitive, and well thought out. Planning takes almost an entire year. Actor, model, MC, and host, Lamont Easter, was contacted almost a year ago regarding hosting the pageants. His passion for community and love for volunteerism made him an especially perfect choice to co-host the event with Angela. Not only is he gorgeous and charismatic but he was able to recognize how hard each of the contestants worked to not only get there but to get their platforms across as well.

Lamont Easter

Lamont spends his free time advocating for autism, especially young adults that are transitioning to independence. He attends soup kitchens for the homeless and has participated in “Sleep Out America”. Lamont is even producing a film called “Blood” to bring awareness to invisible illness. With such a generous heart, he was able to quickly recognize this common trait amongst all the beautiful ladies competing for the crown. “It’s not all pomp and circumstance, it’s about having a voice.” Lamont enjoyed the experience and was tremendously impressed with each of the girls. He also raved about Angela’s attention to detail. So many activities are packed into the 3 day competition. Nothing left to chance and the entire event was marked with positivity and energy.

Christian De La Rosa has been working closely with Angela for months to bring this classy and stunning event to fruition. As cruise staff and an Assistant Cruise Director for four years, he had recently been promoted to Cruise Director of the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line a year ago. This was his first pageant to coordinate and he met with Angela every two weeks to work on planning. From set design, to lights, to timing and scheduling, Christian was ecstatic to see the end results of all the meticulous planning. In fact, he was scheduled not to be aboard the cruise line during the competition but was so excited to see it all come together that he boarded as a passenger and used his vacation to volunteer during the pageant. He helped set things up, keep things moving, and be a support to the girls. He remarked at how impressed he was at the end with each of the girls, their teamwork, and the amount of work put in. Angela indicated that Christian was simply amazing during the entire experience and that this was one of the most successful pageants to date.

The event is packed with a Welcome Party, swimwear competition, interviews, and photoshoots, the Parade of Costumes (which the passengers just loved) and of course, crowning. To be apart of this remarkable event and compete for their crown, contestants initially contacted Angela either through one of her social media platforms, email, or attended one of the pageant castings. Qualifications have to be met, such as community service requirements, along with a biography and photo submissions. Once chosen, they signup, pay the deposits, and their banner are received.

The newly crowned queens are able to continue to represent the system and their platforms at multiple events throughout the year, such as The Winterfest Boat Parade, Asian Trade Show, Swim Week, and Miami Fashion Week, as well as countless other opportunities. They also are able to help give back to community with charitable events.

As if this all wasn’t impressive enough, this year, Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International brought over 300 pairs of children’s shoes for the SHUZZ Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides shoes to children in poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Winner of this year’s pageants include:

Ms. International World: Kelsey Rae La Barbara
Ms. Latina International: Francisca Garcia
Ms. International World Classic: Srimali Fonseka
Ms. International World Super Model: Alexia Slusher
Ms. International World Global: Rebecca Reinhardt
Miss Portada World: Karina Andujar

To be a Beauty Queen is so much more than just being beautiful. And a pageant, a truly successful and remarkable pageant, is more than just a runway with lights and judges. Creating a system that defines exception by recognizing a queen with a voice, a platform, and a purpose is what Angela has done here. Finding women who would prefer to help each other behind the scenes so that everyone has the ability to put their best forward, is what Ms. Latina International and Ms. International World pageant systems are both about and is what spectators and pageant staff witnessed from them all weekend. Each of these women are truly mentors, and this, in addition to planning such a flawlessly executed event, is why Angela Posillico’s pageants are always such a tremendous success.

All Images by Julie Nichols for during Ms. International World 2018