Miss Occidente Costa Rica 2019

Miss Occidente Costa Rica presented seven beautiful ladies that walked the runway for the 2019 crown, the winner will also represent the country in Miss Am?rica Latina next year. The event was held in Anfiteatro Villa a unique location in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The candidates for this edition are Dayana Matamoros, Hillary Campbell, Karla Dur?n, Diana Bermudez, Kelsey Collins, Jennifer Lara and Fabiola Calvo.

According to the National Director, Erick Solis, the final will be sometime in December, the date will soon be announced. We did a small Interview with Erick and this is what he shared with us

Interview with Erick Sol?s

What are your beauty contest Goals?

Undoubtedly, improve the quality of beauty contests in Costa Rica. My organization seeks integral women, but we never leave aside the main objective that is to highlight the beauty that we have in Costa Rica.

How many Beauty Pageant contests do you run in Costa Rica?

We are going through a process of reorganization, we now have 4 franchises in my hands.

How did you get started?

I have always been a follower of beauty contests, however in 2013 I traveled to Miami to learn fashion styling and I started to fall in love with this world. From there I started to prepare myself more, joined events and the media. I took my first candidate to Miss Costa Rica in the 2015.

What inspires you to keep growing in the beauty pageant industry?

It inspires me to know that I am a young person trying to change the way Costa Ricans view beauty contests, which I think they are obsolete. In addition, I am a faithful defender of fulfilling our dreams at all costs, and I know that I have taken giant steps that many people follow and take as a reference. That fills me with energy to continue.

Which has been your biggest event so far?

Each event has a different theme and vision, but despite the fact that I have produced massive events, this mystical presentation to the press in the caves of the Villa Amphitheater was the event that I felt most proud of, because I pretty much organized everything myself.

Are you looking for new ladies to join your events? When is the next event and how can they apply?

There are approximately 3 castings done per year. The next one will be for Reina Internacional de la Paz Costa Rica, which will be held on Tuesday, November 6 at Imagination Agency ( In Santa Ana, San Jose ) from 4 to 8 pm.

Reina Internacional de la Paz


We also did an interview with Priscila Peraza current Miss Occidente 2018:

Interview with Miss Occidente 2018 Priscila Peraza

What made you register to compete for the Miss Occidente crown?

Participating in a beauty contest nationwide was one of my dreams. I’ve been very very shy since I was a kid. I noticed Miss Occidente’s casting, everything seemed to be very well organized, the contest has a very good reputation so I decided to challenge myself and take a step forward for my own self esteem.

What are your goals now that you have the crown?

Carrying a crown is not simply that, it goes way beyond that. I love the fact that many girls that are wanting to join or are now part of one of these events are already seeing me as an example to follow. That makes me strive to be seen as a pattern, if you want something and work hard for it, there is nothing stopping you to get it. That is one of my goals and of course being able to participate in social events, helping the community by participating in events where I can contribute a bit with love.

What tips do you want to share with new contestants?

My advice would be that if you are really passionate about entering a beauty contest, do so, give your best and try hard until the end. There are no limits when you want something from the heart. In my case, it has been one of my greatest and most beautiful experiences and I don’t doubt that for them it will be the same.

What message do you want to leave for Intermodelo.com readers and followers?

Never doubt your capabilities! If you have a dream, go for it, take the risk and give the best. Be very positive and give a lot of love to those around you.

Interview with Makeup Team OFRA

Your makeup artists do amazing work, can you tell us how did you started in Costa Rica?

OFRA Brand provides products of global standard that allow us to achieve our goals as professional Makeup Artists. In the last two years OFRA cosmetics has been strengthening the Academic part by training new professionals. We provide them with long duration products of excellent quality that are also gluten free, vegan, hypoallergenic, etc. All these benefits makes OFRA a leading brand in the market.

How do you select the look and makeup in a beauty pageant event?

The first thing is to develop an aesthetic proposal, a balance, with a color palette defined according to the concept of the event.
The second and not the least, is to choose a qualified team that can strengthen our OFRA brand
The third and most important thing for us is to highlight the beauty of Costa Rican woman.

How can our readers contact you for their next event or personal services?

You can find us on Facebook as? ?OFRA Cosmetics Costa Rica? o or call us at +506-2222-1020.

Exclusive Behind the scenes photos

Intermodelo had exclusive access to backstage and we are now sharing with you these behind the scenes images.



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