The Coconut Shell Soy Candles You NEED This Holiday Season!

Let me just start this blog off by giving it a little credibility to my candle critiquing ? I am not your average candle consumer. My parents owned Christmas Gift shops growing up, which all carried Yankee Candles, which I thought were the worlds best scented candles, up until now. Introducing, Backyard Candles ? Handmade and hand poured by recent college graduate Justin Healy!

It?s currently 10 o?clock at night here on Oahu. I just got home from a long day of adventuring with friends and sleep was all I wanted, until I opened our front door. My friends and I all deeply inhaled and let out a unison ?mmmmm? because our little Hawaiian home smells of everything Christmas. But get this ? I haven?t even burned these candles yet. The 4 different holiday scents, which include Christmas Hearth, Fraser Fir, White Birch, and Snickerdoodle (which I just told my boyfriend we cannot burn in our bedroom because it will make me too hungry for cookies late at night), sit in a collection on our coffee table, fresh out of a nicely packed shipping box from earlier this morning. The beautifully colored wax fills REAL Florida half coconut shells with the most amazing Christmas scents my nose has ever encountered, even with my years of stocking HUNDREDS of Yankee Candles. Backyard Candles takes the cake.

This is no joke. I am OBSESSED with soy wax candles and these are my new favorites. Not only are they hand made in small batches, but they?re also eco-friendly, totally sustainable and lead free! I was so excited about these all natural, non-toxic candles, that I quickly ran into my bedroom with one, lit it and am now writing this blog in bed deeply inhaling the calming aroma because I just want to get the words out and express my gratitude to Backyard Candles for sending us these literally life changing holiday gifts ? no longer will I spend $8+ on unsatisfying Marshall?s candles, or $25 on overpriced Yankee candles. Use my promo 2FOR10 to try two 3oz Backyard Soy Candles for just $10!

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?I started making candles 10 months ago when I was in college.?Originally, I would buy my favorite wax cubes and melt them down and pour in?containers. Then one day I came home with a coconut to use for a drink recipe. When I?was finished gutting out the coconut I took a moment to admire the natural beauty and?unique shape coconuts possess. In that moment, I knew that coconuts and candles?would complement each other so well. They?re both natural products, with my coconuts?coming from Florida and my USA made all natural soy wax. It has been a blast crafting?the right formula for making beautifully scented candles in coconuts and I?m so excited to finally share it with you and the world.? ?Justin

If you?re not sure what to get a loved one this holiday season, or simply just want to add some delicious scent in an adorable coconut to your home, this is the small business you NEED to try! Not only are Backyard Candles? Christmas scents perfect for the Holiday season, but they also have an amazing line up of everyday scents, ranging from creamy Pi?a Colada, Crisp Apple Harvest, Sweet Pumpkin Souffl? and Cozy Fireside, each even more delectable than the next. These aromatherapy candles provide soothing scents to help maintain a healthy mind and body. These are my new favorite candles to burn while I meditate!

Not sure about Soy candles?

Soy wax is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to candle making. What truly sets soy apart from paraffin wax is the fact that it?s renewable. As oil reserves continue to shrink, the price of paraffin will continue to climb. While the only limitation on soy supplies is how much we decide to grow. Soy candles burn clean and slow, not blackening the air or walls with soot.

Use my promo 2FOR10 to buy 2 3oz soy candles for just $10!

I?m telling you, you have to try these babies out, and you won?t be disappointed! I?m looking forward to subscribing to their monthly subscription package, coming soon!

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Photo by Brandon Verdura