Poisonous Corruption

There are certain things in life that are just poisonous to our hearts. Gossip, jealousy, regret, fear, making assumptions… If you let these types of things dictate your relationships and how you are running your life, you are not only poisoning your own self but unnecessarily harming other people. Before you charge forward, take a step back and use my mantra “Just Breathe”. Give yourself a moment to reflect before you react. This way you act using both logic and emotion rather than emotion alone.

If your intentions are to cause disruption and you are trying to hurt someone else, I would like to remind you of one thing. You cannot hurt someone else without also hurting yourself. Even if you think your gossip, your revenge, your retaliation will make you feel satisfied. Know that these things weigh on the human soul and will disrupt how others see you. This will prevent the most beautiful person in the world from seeming attractive and approachable.

Nothing in life can happen without your control. You might think that losing your your job due to cutbacks, for example, isn’t your fault. I’m quite certain that it isn’t, however, how you react and how you deal with everything good and bad put in front of you is absolutely under your control. This is what allows you to sleep well at night, this is what allows you to look yourself in the mirror, and this is the person that you are painting for others to see.

If you feel like you are suffocating and you’re angry or overwhelmed, I suggest you look hard at how much poison you are in ingesting. Maybe you have just a smidgen too much and need to take that step back I formally mentioned. Don’t let life be so hard. Decide, just completely make the decision, that its your life and you are going to live it with happiness, without fear, and with complete tolerance to the multitude of personalities around you.

We don’t live in a world or robots and God didn’t make humans using a cookie cutter. So stop trying to get into other people’s shoes or heads and just enjoy the life you’re given. Find the beauty in your experiences and hold on to that. Otherwise, you’ll destroy how beautiful you really are by degrading yourself and it will eat away at you until there is nothing left.

There is a reason for the sayings “find the silver lining” or “see the glass as half full”, nothing can be perfect all the time. Nothing. Life is a beautiful mistake and you will only get from your experiences what you take away. So let it be positive, let it be kind, show tolerance and appreciation for others, love yourself and live life for joy and not fear. I promise you, if you take my advice you will sleep deeper, wake refreshed, and your shoulders won’t ache as much. Give yourself a chance at an amazing life with all that you have exactly as it is and Just Breathe, Just smile, and really live.


Angel Beth
Editorial / Writer