Love and Peace, Leaving Behind the Hate and War

Vintage Fashion Editorial

Finding a box of my mother’s old clothes in the garage was like finding buried treasure. The bold colors, floral patterns, and polyester instantly brought you back to a time when love and peace were celebrated. This passion became an entire era identified easily by the linens I discovered.

As I tried them on and looked at myself in the mirror, I realized I stood there still very much in fashion. It’s funny how things can circle back around and become in style all over again. Still, I knew this hippie outfit was much more than just a fashion statement; it was a way of life. It reflected a strong commitment against war and celebrated diversity with a loving and peaceful attitude.
Photographer; Chalo Garcia, and makeup artist, hair stylist and designer; Crystal Lockinour also felt a passion towards the vintage vibe. Inspiration struck and Chalo cleverly coined the project “Traveling Hippies” as they worked to put together a team to recreate this era.
Chalo Garcia is an internationally known and published photographer who got his start in graphic design. After completing his education at the Art Institute of Houston he has continuously added layers of skill to his repertoire. From artistic photography to glamour, fashion to natural portraits, from environmental to architecture, nothing has been out of his reach. He has built a brand for himself and his work is easily identified with his use of light to create a raw image that captures the beauty of the subject. Since he loves the vintage style, he does a few shoots a year focused on recreating the feelings evoked by trends from the past.
Vintage Fashion EditorialTo capture another perspective of the scene, photographer JC Reina joined the team as a photography assistant and as a second shooter. Also with a background in graphic design as well as advertising, JC has developed a huge reputation in the corporate world as an award winning agency art director. His talents extend from ad agencies, magazines, publishing companies, restaurants, non-profit organizations, and TV shows. His style is broad and personal. Previously working with Chalo has allowed them to become quite a team and JC thanks God every day for the opportunities to capture art in various forms to tell engaging stories.
This story in particular captures a very unique time. One when war was prevalent and movements towards appreciating diversity rather than segregating it was in full swing. It seems people felt very strongly about their opinions towards the growth of the country and people either embraced it or fought against it. It truly was a time of love versus hate and war versus peace.
Crystal Lockinour has a lot of various skills in her pocket. One of which is period production and prop styling for the 1920’s-1970’s. As a makeup artist and hair stylist, she worked with each of the models to bring them back in time and help them to develop the character they would be projecting in this story. She even designed the skirt worn by model Dominique. With 20 years’ experience in hair and makeup, her ability to bring together not only models, wardrobe pieces, props, and compile set design with ease and enthusiasm, Crystal’s organization, professionalism, and creativity are beyond compare.
Our models had no trouble finding their way back to the 70’s. They embraced fighting for Love and insisting on peace as they traveled the country fighting their cause. In a time such as we have now, with so much debate and friction in the air, it felt good to go back and remember a time when it was as easy as believing in love and standing behind a symbol of a smiley face to get through the tribulations the world presented.
Sam Mathias is an internationally published model who was an easy choice for the project. Having a passion for this era already, she was enthusiastic and excited to create an artistic story about a period she loved. Sam has been modeling from a very young age for various clothing brands and fashion shows and is dedicated to the industry. She loves to act and perform and plans to move to LA to further her modeling career. In addition, with her beach bunny personality, she added a sunny side to the shoot.
Miranda Doyel is a local model who is recognized as a commercial model on Amazon, has been published in magazines and at the young age of 20, has already been modeling nearly a decade. She strives to become a Victoria Secret model and thinks of modeling as a passion of hers, rather than work. Miranda speaks of the simplicity of the shoot and how it showered through each shot. She indicated that she felt she would have enjoyed growing up in the 70’s because of everyone was laid back and happy.
Dominique Bedford is a freelance model who has walked numerous fashion shows such as Tampa Bay Fashion Week and Raw Artist Orlando. She is also a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in secondary English education and holds many leadership positions on campus. She felt the concept of the shoot allowed her to push elements within herself. One of her favorite quotes is “trust your instincts” and she definitely did; allowing her shots to come out flawless by capturing the love of the era.
Vintage Fashion EditorialCaleb Stupka was our only male model and lit up everyone’s faces with his bright smile. Moving to Florida just over six months ago to follow his dream and pursue modeling and acting, he has taken the industry by storm. Already boosting his portfolio with acting, modeling, and runway, he found the theme of the shoot a necessary one. He says, “I loved the theme of the shoot simply for the sake that things in that era is love and not war and I think that’s what we need more now than ever”.
The team replicated the era, allowing you to feel pulled back into the period. Hopefully, this inspired you to feel the love and peaceful nature of many people in that time. Flower power, peace signs, and smiley faces graffitied just about everything then. Let’s be inspired and not only dress in a fashionably vintage vibe but go about in this world with a warm heart and an open mind. One that is tolerant and accepting of others and that values the diversities we have in our world. We hope we have allowed you to feel transported back to the fight for peace, not war and the true belief in love, not hate.
By Angel Beth