How to Look Fireee on a Budget This Summer!

Balling on a budget this summer but don?t want to sacrifice your swimsuit game? Check out my personal photos & review from Amazon suits that go for less than $20 each!

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We?ve all got pool parties, BBQs, beach trips, vacations, boat days & more this summer, and who doesn?t wanna look designer cute?? But while designer bikinis are amazing, they can cause you to take out a loan just for the bottoms! This blog will help you find some killer looks for less than $20 on Amazon! You can even have them in 2 days with prime shipping before your next summer swimsuit event! Hope you enjoy & be sure to share with your bargain hunter friends as well!

*All the suits listed below are sold for less than $20 on Amazon & most offer prime 2 day shipping!! *

NOTE: If you like any of these styles but aren?t sure on the color, most of them come in 10000 colors since they are on Amazon so don?t be afraid to click on the link and check out all the colors! Enjoy!

My personal favorite one piece this summer! Look stylish & sexy at any event! I?ve worn this suit to so many shoots all over the world! It?s always a show-stopper! Purchase with the link below!


Next up is another one of my go-to shoot suits! Especially for sporty shoots or a casual boat or pool day!


All time favvvvv ? I wear this red kini all the time because it hugs the ta-tas just right!


Anothaaaa one! This one piece swimsuit is perfecttt for literally any occasion! Comes in so many colors!


TRENDY & CHEAP ? My two favorite words to see together! That describes this killer kini!


Strappy designs make everything fineee! I always wear this suit if I know I?m going to be pigging out and having a food baby! The straps accentuate your curves just the right way! Comes in sooo many colors!


I?m going to be adding more to this list as I find more suits that I love!

I, of course, have to try them all myself before I recommend to you guys, but if you follow me on Instagram you know that won?t be a problem, because I have a slight bikini addiction!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed and found some killer suits! Be sure to share this blog with your bargain hunter friends as well!

Feel free to send me links or leave comments about suits you?d like me to try and review! XO


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