Dealing With Rejection

Working in the beauty industry can feel very ugly at times. Whether you are a model, photographer, makeup artist, or designer, you will be faced with rejection at some point in your career. Typically, you will be faced with it often. Whether you are participating in a casting, submitting your work for publication, trying to get your photos in a gallery, or hoping to be chosen to work on a project, there will be times that you will get passed up. Your work, won?t be what is needed.

How do you deal with that? How do you keep yourself from over criticizing your work and tearing yourself apart?

You lead with your passion.

One thing that I have found in each, and every person that I have ran across in this industry, is passion. We get into this business because we love what we do. We enjoy capturing that emotion, or telling that story, or recreating that vision.

If you believe in yourself, in what you do, you will recover faster from not getting that call back, that casting, that showing. Know; remind yourself, that the person on the other side of that decision has their own vision. That vision doesn?t deplete what you have to offer. What you have just doesn?t fit as perfectly into that one particular plan.

Think of it this way. Each of us are holding on to puzzle pieces that have shapes and colors all over them. All of our pieces are gorgeous and unique. But the job we are trying to get, is already putting together its own puzzle. It?s almost done and they are looking for a few pieces that fit into the picture they already have forming. It doesn?t mean that the puzzle pieces they use are more beautiful or more perfect than what you have, it simply means it fits better in their picture in that moment.

Confidence can be a shaky thing in this industry when you are dealing with rejection. You have to keep reminding yourself of your own value. You have to really believe in it. Be your own advocate and your own fan. When something doesn?t pan out, look yourself in the mirror and say, ?next time? and try again.

Success isn?t just about the numbers. It really isn?t. Sure, we all want to get our brand out there and be known. We want to sell our art, our craft, and be able to live comfortably doing what we love. But there really is more to it than just that. We find success in the pursuit as well. We feel successful when we are actively trying, constantly improving, and keeping busy. Keep getting your work out there. Don?t give up.

Here’s another analogy for you. Think of your craft as a seed. You have to nurture it. You can?t ignore it. You have to feed that passion every single day. Shine your light of confidence onto your seed. Water it with opportunities and I promise you that your seed, your craft, your face, your brand, your success will grow. The strength of this will help you deal with the dark days and any storms that come your way. Those are temporary. The journey though, that journey of helping that seed grow and blossom, that is success.

So remember, maybe you have a way to go before you see the results you want. Maybe you have to hear a few ?No?s. You may have a reach before you can see it all come to fruition. But the passion, the journey, and that pursuit, those are the things that make it all worth it. Lead with those and let the puzzles that you didn?t have pieces for, simply be someone?s else’s story and nothing more than that for you. Believe in yourself and you will find the right picture.