10 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

1. No eating after 8 pm. We’ll start with the easy rules, and then get to the more challenging tasks. Plan your dinner at an earlier time to make sure that you are not eating after 8 pm, easy right?  Eating late at night causes triglyceride levels the body to rise, signaling it to store fat that is used for energy production; however, since you are not physically active throughout the night, the unburned fat stay in your body and results in weight gain. Not eating late all helps you to get a better night sleep!

2. No soda. Soda is absolutely horrible for your body, it contributes to weight gain and decreases the calcium in your bones. No soda, simple.

3. No candy. Halloween is coming up which means treats galore! But, control yourself! You want to look good in your Halloween costume so just remember, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! 😉

4. Drink LOTS of water. I struggle with this because I’m so busy and for some reason never feel thirsty, but there are countless health benefits to getting those eight 8oz glasses everyday! Just remember the 8×8 rule and try to keep track throughout the day! Throwing some fresh squeezed loom in your water is also very good for you! A glass of warm water with lemon in the morning can do wonders for your skin!

5. Low Carb Diet. While it is never good, an almost impossible, to cut out carbs completely, a low card diet can have amazing effects on your weight loss! I don’t eat bread, pasta, wraps, pizza, or potato products! Zucchini pasta or Spaghetti squash are great substitutions for your favorite pasta dish!

6. Exercise. You don’t have to be a high endurance runner or pro cross fit athlete to exercise everyday! Make it a goal to break a sweat everyday, exercising for at least one hour. I know everyone leads busy lives but if you make it a priority, you will find time to make it happen. Whether it’s in the gym or at home, there are endless supplies of how-to workout videos, online exercise regimens and in person workout classes and facilities at your disposal! 24 Hour Fitness is a great gym because they are open 24 hours, which means no excuses for you to miss a sweat sesh!

7. Stretch. It is so important to stretch and increase flexibility both for weight loss and for building muscle mass. Be sure to stretch both before and after workout to help your body heal faster and prevent injury so your fitness journey doesn’t have to be put on hold!


8. Yoga. You down, dog? Yoga is an extremely beneficial activity for both the body and the mind. I’ve seen people lose crazy amounts of weight just from 1-2 yoga classes a week. I recommend beginning with some beginner or all-level classes and then working up to Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga to really get that sweat and endurance going!

9. Weight Training. Once you find yourself in a gym or setting yourself up with weights at home, search the internet for workout for different parts of the body. It is so important to set up a split, or routine, for yourself to make sure you are working out all the different muscles of the body without neglecting or overworking any. It is important to take rest days in between each muscle group to allow the muscles to heal for the best results.

10. Change your eating habits. Make sure you are cutting out fatty foods. That means no fast foods, no junk food and definitely no fried foods! Your plate should be colorful and nutritious, incorporating vegetables, fruit, meat, and healthy carb substitutes like quinoa.

I hope you found this weightless guide hopeful and I hope you give it your best shot if it is something you are passionate about pursing! We can ALL better ourselves, there is alway room for improvement!

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Happy fitnessing!

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