The Top 3 Picks for This Winter?s Ankle Boots

The evenings are dark, the mornings are bitter and rain is almost the default weather… We can’t deny it anymore; winter is definitely here.

Whilst I really enjoyed the first couple of weeks of the cooler weather and seized the opportunity to wear cute jackets, nice skirts and pretty, thin jumpers, I am now tired of the necessity of having to wear thick jumpers, big winter coats and wooly scarves so big they hide half of my face.

Considering the novelty of my winter wardrobe has already started to wear thin, I am struggling to find inspiration on a daily basis. However, the one part of my wardrobe that still excites me is BOOTS, particularly ankle boots. Browsing through collections of ankle boots online is a favourite pass time of mine and ordering even more so.

This year I’ve decided to purchase myself a whole new array of ankle boots. I do find it quite hard to find unique styles of ankle boots that don’t look like clones of every other boots on the high street, thus I have opted to search online for my individual boots. I have always really liked the Spanish Boots style and although they’re not usually designed to be ankle boots, I thought If I had a look on Pinterest for them then I might find some other inspiration – and I did.

I came to a site called ‘The Spanish Boot Company’ who do a variety of different styles of boots including a fantastic collection of suede Jodhpur/Chelsea boots!

Valverde Jodphur Boots suede: stone

This traditionally equestrian style boot in stone coloured suede is just beautiful. I am a bit fan of the Chelsea style boot but this is the original. The contrast between the elasticated section of the boot and the light suede is just stunning. These boots will go fabulously with a variety of different leg wear such as a skirt and tights, leggings and a range of coloured jeans. These boots are versatile enough to wear for many different occasions and I can see them being a staple part of my winter wardrobe!

Valverde Jodphur Boots suede: green

Dark, forest green is one of my favourite colours for a winter wardrobe so it’s no surprise that I am mesmerised by this gorgeous pair. Dark green goes fantastically well with black and cream so I would suggest wearing these with black jeans and a lighter top half to lift the darkness. The richness of the green suede is really beautiful and these are a pair that I would rather not have to miss out on!

Valverde Jodphur Boots suede: cobalt

Out of the whole collection, this is the pair that stand out the most and it’s no mystery why! These beautiful bright blue pair are a stunning addition to any winter wardrobe. Guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days, these boots will turn heads wherever you go. Perfect for wearing with black jeans, leggings or tights, these unique ankle boots will make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine.

This collection is one of the prettiest ankle boot collections I have seen so far this evening. I hope you’ve been inspired to check out ‘The Spanish Boot Company’ and have a browse of their fantastic range of boots!

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