The Royal Collection by Chashkina Designs

Dear Princesses,

The 21st century is a funny time for you. Many of your friends gave up on the idea of princes on white horses and majestic castles. They took off their beautiful dresses and exchanged their dreams for a cold, hard reality.

But not you. You remain as gentle and strong as a real lady should be. You remain the source of energy for everyone around you. You are the symbol of all the allure of old, noble times and transfer that in today’s great way of life.

It is for you that Chashkina Designs created the Royal Collection. Use it to express your uniqueness and let your light shine over those who seek to witness real class.

We thank you, Ladies of Today, for inspiring all good things.

When you become Queens, keep a little something of the princess inside of you for this was the birth of something magnificent.

We hope the Royal Collection is worthy of your attention, Your Royal Highness.


Oksana Chashkina