The Craze of Contouring

ContouringRelatively slowly but absolutely surely, contouring has creeped its way from celebrities’ make-up rooms and theatre dressing rooms and into the cosmetic bags of mainstream women. The chiselled cheeks and nose, 3D foreheads and highlighted cheekbones are no longer confined to the realm of experts but is now being learnt and used by girls and women across all demographics.

For centuries, us women have been painting our faces with all sorts (including beetle blood and lead at one point) in order to enhance our faces in some way or another. The fashion of make-up, much like the fashion of clothing, has dramatically changed and evolved through the years from wanting to look pale to wanting to look tanned, from wanting pink cheeks to bronzed cheeks, red lips to ‘foundation lips’ and soft heart shaped faces to chiselled faces.

Currently, we are in a society that is exposed to multitudes of photoshopped images and heavily edited Instagram photos everyday which flood our internet searches and social media newsfeeds. With the help of technology, the line between reality and fantasy has never been more blurred and thus the standard of beauty has never been more unrealistic. For us women, this makes it hard for us to not compare ourselves against images that have been so artificially constructed, there is more fake than real. Similarly, the advances in make-up technologies have left us desiring the most expensive cosmetics – the ones the celebrities we see splashed all over the internet use. We expect our make-up to look like it has been applied by very experienced and qualified make-up artists. We are forever having such images and visions thrown in our faces, so much so, that it has become the norm and as a result, we are more heavily critical of beauty than ever before.

Because of this, contour kits are becoming all the rage. Contouring can be used as a way to hide your bags, enhance your eyes, make your cheekbones stand out to slim your face and make your nose seem more chiselled and straight. Contouring really is an amazing way to change your face, and if done well, has the potential to really enhance what you already have. On the down side, contouring kits can be expensive (ranging anywhere from PS30-PS140) and they do take some practice to perfect. One solution I have come up with for both of these issues, is rather than buying a contouring kit, buy separate bits of make-up to contour different parts of the face.

As this can still be expensive, it’s important to hunt for contouring equipment at good value places. You don’t need the latest Estee Lauder or MAC kit to look great which is why I have started my hunt online for the best value contour kits. One particularly good online store I came across is called ‘Cosmetic Co’ who have a large range of contouring make-up from eye shadows to lip liners and highlighting kits to cheek contouring creamy butter. I was thrilled with the selection, quality and price of their contouring range and they definitely prove that you don’t have to go high luxury to get high quality.

So whilst we can’t escape the pressures of societal beauty expectations (nor do we necessarily want to), there are cheap ways of enhancing your natural beauty that won’t break the bank and will still leave you competing with Kim Kardashian (should you so wish…)