Taking care of the skin during cold weather


Face skin and the hands needs special care during cold weather, because they are constantly exposed. Everything that we put on skin during cold is good for us. What you apply on the skin forms a protective layer that gets in contact with the cold or wind.

Face cream is a more of a fattening, nutritive and antioxidants alternative that will nourish and will impede the drying of the skin. Eliminate all cleaning products that have alcohol, which will dry the skin. Instead use those that contain the glycolic acid. Refer to masks once or twice a week that is full of vitamins, vitamin C, egg yolk or hydrating oils.

Taking care of hands in cold weather is very important. You can do a home-made remedy. In a bowl of hot water pour 4 spoons of olive oil. Leave the hands soak there for 15 minutes, they will be hydrated and ready for cold weather. In the evening apply petroleum jelly and use a leaf of aloe to anoint the hands .You can do the same procedure by using almond oil or egg yolk. During the day you can use a hydrating cream but remember to avoid detergents, soaps and abrasive materials that can easily scratch the surface of the skin.

Beauty Article by Cristina Sandu
Editorial / Writer