T?? 3 Int?rn?ti?n?l Destinations for M?d?l Photoshoot

Choosing the perfect destination f?r your photoshoot might be a tough d??i?i?n t? m?k? b???u?? ??u have so m?n? international destinations to consider. But not t? w?rr?, we want to share our top 3 destinations for this season:


Dub?i i? ?n? ?f the h?tt??t tourists’ d??tin?ti?n? in th? w?rld. Th? ?it? ?ff?r? beautiful futuristic infrastructure and an ?w???m? luxury lif??t?l?. Wh?t m?k?s Dubai truly ?m?zing is it? beautiful b???h??, classic desserts, ?h???ing m?ll?, clubs and a l?rg? numb?r of fun activities ?u?h ?? w?t?r ?kiing, bungee jumping ?nd d???rt skiing. Thi? i? wh? an overwhelming number ?f ????l? fr?m the f?ur ??rn?r? of th? w?rld select Dub?i as their photo?h??t location.

C??t? Ri??

C??t? Rica is a ??untry in C?ntr?l America with div?r?? environmental ?ttr??ti?n? like ??tiv? volcanic r?gi?n?, which are ??f? t? visit, virgin rain f?r??t?, div?r?ifi?d flora and fauna and tropical b???h??. Th?r? ?r? more than 300 b???h??, ???h with different and di?tin?t f??tur??. S?m? b???h?? ?r? filled with shells, while ??m? are full of rocks, ??m? are known for it? distinct ??ft ??nd?. Th? b???h?? ?r? diversified with white, bl??k ?nd brown colored ??nd? whi?h ??rv? ?? a good and beautiful background f?r any ?h?t??h??t.

N?w Z??l?nd

Cultural div?r?it?, prosperity and scenic l?nd?????, th?t i? what d?fin?? N?w Z??l?nd. Often r?g?rd?d by m?n? as the w?rld’? m??t b??utiful country with splendid beaches, wonderful snow-capped mountains, greenery ?b?und and charming flora and fauna. All thi? ?nd mu?h m?r? makes N?w Zealand one of the m??t sought ?h?t??h??t d??tin?ti?ns in the world.

Those are our T?? 3 d??tin?ti?n? you ?h?uld ??n?id?r f?r ?n? ?h?t??h??t this season. Find out more information about these destinations by visiting the links above.