Seven common mistakes to avoid when shopping for your wedding gown

Before your journey to find the perfect wedding gown begins we have taken the time to outline a few common gown shopping errors brides commit, hopefully this will help you avoid them.

1. Shopping For Your Wedding Gown Way To Early

It is very difficult to choose a wedding gown if the date has not been set and a venue has not been secured. There are many factors about your wedding day that will play into the wedding gown you choose. The venue for example can factor into the details and embellishments of your gown, let’s say you decide to have the ceremony on a beach then an overly detailed gown may not really look that great.

One of the main reasons a bridal shop will inquire about the wedding date is so that they know how much time they have to work on ?your gown, this also provides a way for them to suggest gown options which will be fitting. It generally will take a designer four to eight months to design and make a stunning wedding gown so knowing the date of the wedding is important. Another reason to not shop early is you may miss out on your favorite designer’s newest collection.

The main reason a bridal shop will ask you for your wedding date is so they know your timeline and can suggest appropriate dresses. Most designers will take four to eight months to make a wedding gown, so knowing your dates is key. Also, you don’t want to shop too early and miss some of the latest collections from your favorite designer. Here are some good tips.

2. Having the Entire Bridal Party and Extras Along

Buying your wedding gown is one of the most important decisions you are going to have to make in regards to the wedding. Having too many people sitting around, anxious to put their two cents in can make it stressful and a lot harder to make the right decision. It is always a better idea to have on a couple of people whose opinions you value and trust along when shopping for your special gown.

3. Not Staying Within Budget

It is obvious that a budget has already been set before you even begin your shopping but the important thing is to adhere to it. It is a bridal consultants job to advise you on the best designers and styles that fit in your budget so avoid trying on any dresses you cannot afford. You may think oh such a lovely dress, no harm in just trying it on, it will be fun. There is however the chance that ?you will fall in love with the dress you can not afford, after that you will not feel as if any other dress is good enough and that can be terribly disappointing so don’t even go there. There are plenty of beautiful wedding dresses at reasonable prices – look at these gowns from Lusan Mandongus at Teokath.

Keep in mind that when budgeting for your dress you should include any costs there may be for altering the dress. The cost will vary depending on the amount of alterations made but it definitely can add on so bear the in mind.

4. Too Much Picture Taking

A picture taken on a smartphone is not the best way to represent the way your dress will actually look. A picture can also accidentally be posted online where everything spreads like wildfire and the wrong person could receive it. Keep in mind that for copyright purposes most designers do not allow photographs taken of their designs before purchase so just to be safe it is best to come prepared with the people you trust to help you make this decision.

5. Be Smart, Not Emotional

It is quite often that in this line of business we come across brides to be which want to choose a dress that twenty five years from now will look classic and timeless in their wedding albums. A wedding gown is not about photographs you will look over in the future it is for a very special occasion on a very significant day. Maybe you will end up picking a trendy gown and that is perfectly fine, you will always remember and cherish the way you looked and felt in it on your special day.

6. Overthinking Size

A wedding gown size is generally a couple of sizes smaller than the clothes you buy for daily use, it is important to not focus on a number but more on the way it fits. It is important that if considering to shed a few pounds before your special day that you set realistic goals. Remember it is quite easy to take in a dress if you drop a few pounds however making a dress bigger is not as easy.

7. Buying A Gown You Are Not In Love With?

I am sure that for years you have dreamt about what the perfect gown would be, It is of course as we mentioned before very important to keep your budget in mind and respect it but nowadays there are countless designers creating stunning collections many which are quite affordable so don’t just settle for a gown you are not passionate about.