Perfect lips for the soft kisses on St Valentine?s

Perfect Lips

From time to time our lips need a small treatment of regeneration, especially at the end of the cold season. St Valentine?s day should be a good motivation to start the session of requiring of soft and healthy lips.

Exfoliation is the first step to make your lips beautiful and to get rid of dead cells. You may make your own paste of yolk, bicarbonate with honey. Apply it on your lips 3-4 times a week, before sleeping. The skin of the lips is going to become softer and without scamming.

Hydration is next step in soften your lips. Spoil them with a hydrating mask or natural remedies found in your own kitchen. One of those remedies are: oil, 3 drops of rose oil, a capsule of Vitamin E ,honey, seeds of crushed apple and Vaseline.

Final step is enhancing the volume. There is an interesting trick that functions every time: add in your balm or in the lip gloss pepper, chili powder or ginger powder.The blood circulation will intensify and your lips will get additional volume.

If the Valentine ?s Day involve passionate kisses, then use a resistant lipstick with a natural shade for an extra colour.
Get those lips ready for St.Valentines Day!

Beauty Article by Cristina Sandu
Editorial / Writer