Helpful Instagram Tips For Boosting Your Modelling Career

Anyone will be able to tell you just how popular Instagram is for people who love social media. This is a network that has more a 100 million users, making it the perfect place for people who are aspiring actors, models, producers and talent scouts who are looking to connect.

When this is an area that you are hoping to break into, you will find that there are some good ways to go about it to give you the results that you are looking for. As a model, you always want to be able to stay popular and relevant, which is where your Instagram account can come in handy.

Social media, especially Instagram, will allow your potential clients to see new layers to you as a model. This outlet will show candid shots with your friends, insight as to your personality, your interests, lifestyle and what you look like on a regular day. Whether you like it or not, social media is being used often by clients who want to look up models prior to booking them for a shoot or campaign. Instagram can act as an extension to your portfolio, so be sure to use these helpful tips:

Boost Your Follower Count

The social influence that you have as a model can be very powerful as leverage. If a client has it down between you and someone else, the job will more than likely go to the model who has more followers and the bigger social presence. A good account following can also help the client to gather information such as fan data that will help them to package up their digital media campaigns to target certain groups of fans through specialized ads.

Use a Service

Services such as Vibbi can help you increase your number of followers through allowing you to add them and looking more popular. This in turn will ensure others see you’re popular and means they will be impressed and will hopefully follow.

Post Daily Photos

This is something that is important, especially for new models. This is an easy way for you to get your pictures out there to the masses, so be sure that you are always putting up a variety of pictures for both your fans, as well as potential clients.

Be Selective On What You Show

You do not always have to show sexy or revealing photos to get good results. Think about showing off your personality and your interests rather than simply diluting yourself to become another half-naked online model. Tasteful, fun and personalized photos are going to be a nice way to show your clients who you are and how adaptable you are to real life photo shoot situations.