Fashion Color Trends


Being of top of fashion is having the most modern clothes, the most stylish accessories, hair and nails. The colors we wear define our mood. The pallet of colors offers something for every taste.

Red and pink will dominate because they are the colors of passion. Blue will be another color for this year. It conveys serenity and confidence. Floral will be everywhere this spring in dresses, men suits, pants and more. Radiant Orchid color is used a lot in the lip sticks, jewelry and dresses because it is so radiant and brings you to life. It is all about how these colors affect your confidence when you wear them on clothes.

When it comes to fashion trends don?t forget to mention nail polish. The neon colors were preferred by fashion designers that were found in clothes and accessories and they couldn?t miss from nails. If you love it choose one from each color to create a unique design on you nails. The must ?have are super lemon, orange and fuchsia.If you are not comfortable with these colors you can also choose the pastel colors which are less garish and more calming. The lavender color and salmon rose will be the proper choices for the any summer outfit. One trend of mail polish that was adopted by celebrities is the white nail polish. This is the most glamorous polish that you can use regardless of the situation.

“Fashion is what you adopt when you don?t know who you are”

Beauty Article by Cristina Sandu
Editorial / Writer