Choosing the Right Lingerie

Embrace you body and own it. Choose the proper lingerie that emphasizes your body and boosts your confidence. The perfect color to use is red, black, white and pink. Red and pink is what draws attention and are colors of passion. Play around it .Before choosing what lingerie to wear chooses your clothes.

Pick the lingerie that makes you feel sexy .It is not always the lingerie you pick but the attitude that brings with it. If you go shopping buy lingerie that emphasizes the parts of the body you love. If you have problems with your tummy try to find a piece of lingerie that is less tight and more flowing in that area or you can use a corset to hide the stomach. If you are worried about your weight use darker colors like black or blue, because they have a slimming effect.

If you are tall look for traditional bras and panties this will show off your legs and figure. Athletic women who have a nice butt should wear boy shorts .If you are petite wear a silky gown this will make you look much taller than you are. For plus sized women corsets are the best to use because they emphasize the chest and your curves giving them a voluptuous look. Go with rich dark colors that will go with your skin.

Remember that the lingerie for your body type exists, from designers to Victoria Secret ,there is lingerie for everybody.

Article by Cristina Sandu
Editorial / Writer

Jessica Chatman