6 Tips for Being Sexier

We all want to be sexy, the steamy seductive kind of character we commonly see portrayed in a classic James Bond movie — none of this Daniel Craig stuff. ?I’m talking about the kind of allure and subtle seduction that Sophie Marceau and Pierce Brosnan seem to have in endless supplies.

Then we look go and take a look in the mirror and the heart breaking realization that we don’t look a thing like those guys — not even Daniel Craig– and this can effectively convince many that being “sexy” is not for them, more’s the pity.

But allow me to clue you in on a little secret, being sexy has very little to do with body mass, facial features or drop-dead gorgeous foreign accents. Being sexy is all about emitting a certain Aura.

Wait, wait… don’t run off. This is not some mumbo lumbo, ?by aura I mean a feeling about yourself that is so strong and beautiful that it just exudes onto everyone around you. There is a sexy beast living in all of us, just clawing to come out.

So, if releasing this beast is an idea you fancy, read on to discover some key points that can help you turn up the settings of your animal magnetism to “RockStar”

1. Stop Telling yourself you’re not sexy and Be Sexy.

The sexy persona you have within you will naturally make an appearance when you realize you are in complete control of it. If you have buried your sexy side, you should begin by figuring out why you have done so. ?You have your heading, make a quest out of finding why you have decided to bury your saucy side.

Change will not come in a flash of metamorphosis, but rather slowly as you begin to just allow yourself to be.

2.Get Over IT!

Bringing the guilts, fears and heartbreaks of lost loves into your life will only sap you of your innate sex appeal.

Those voices that whisper disparaging tales of failures gone by are there to convince you that the past is only going to be repeated. The only way to get over these painful memories is ?to look them in the face and square yourself with the past, after all its in the past.

Someone who has made a committed effort to make their present better is not going to have time for the hang ups of the past. This will make them in tune with the moment and ?emotionally available — this my friends, is hot stuff.

3. Learn the Art of Lovemaking

To truly get the most out of your sex life you must understand that real lovemaking begins by attracting the most essential sex organ in the body, the mind. When this connection is cultivated the mechanics of sex are transformed into something magical and almost electric in the contact of the skin to skin.

Sex is most certainly an art, by learning how each stroke and touch and movement can ultimately affect the outcome of the subject you can produce an effect that will effectively, as the song says, “fly me to the moon”

This is also a fairly enjoyable subject to research in depth and get as much practice as possible. By understanding the art of seduction you will get closer to having that all important term, Sexy, associated with your walk, your talk your overall attitude.

The more you know about sex the more comfortable you will feel talking about it and probably find more opportunities to brush up on your techniques. This site has some great ideas.

4. Channel that James Bond confidence

That feeling you get from knowing yourself well enough to know why you are worth it will begin to enhance the aura mentioned earlier in this article.

This is not arrogance or cockiness, what I am speaking about is that inner confidence that comes from knowing you have a high worth and will also be valuable to others as well.

Which means you don’t have to prove anything, it will all be proved soon enough. I’ve always imagined this is the thought going through the mind of the super spy as he cooly introduces himself to his nemesis somewhere toward the beginning of the flick.

This kind of confidence lets people know you are not here to start drama, but to make things interesting.

5. Practice Being Naked

There is a social stigma about walking around naked that causes many people to develop an aversion to their own body. Practice parading about the house in the buff, be sure you are not making a spectacle of yourself in front of neighbors and small kids.

You will be more comfortable with your own body the more you see it as a natural part of who your are. The more comfortable you are with your own skin, the sexier you will feel and this feeling will be reflected onto others. Remember the three A’s of being sexy are… Attitude, attitude and ATTITUDE.

6. Dress yourself up and take yourself out

Clothes are ?both overrated and severely underrated, clothes will not make you any sexier than you feel but they can sure perfect the final product. Even if you hate shopping, find out what you like to wear and what you feel makes you look

Then take your dolled up self out on the town, treating yourself is a good way to start generating that sexy vibe. Being alone will give you the courage to be with someone else, yes it takes a lot of courage.