5 inspirational jewelry looks brought forward in 2017 Spring New York Fashion Week

The most awaited Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week has now come to an end and it’s the high time to discuss about the sterling silver and gold jewelry ideas that came up with it. Out of the new ideas that came up with fashion week, the see-now-buy-now experiment received much attention. On the other hand, the best designers revealed their latest work, which clearly shows that they have wanted to go big and bold this year.

After watching the spring 2017 New York Fashion Week runway show, I noted few trends that some of the designers are trying to highlight during the upcoming months. For example, the earrings are still huge and it seems like they would remain same within the next few years as well. Here is a list of the most inspirational fashion jewelry looks that I noticed in this year.

Proenza Schouler

The white colored earrings of Proenza Schouler were able to grab my attention and it looked amazingly beautiful. However, I could not determine the exact material these earrings are made out of. I believe that they are plastic or metal. They look simple and have the ability to enhance the look of a person who has an oval shaped face as they extend up to the shoulders.

Belinda Jewelz

The Silver and Gold jewelry collection with Swarovski crystals just looked elegant. The earrings were paired with Gold coils and swirls with Swarovski stones, which have contributed a lot towards their beauty. They certainly have the ability to enhance the beauty of a woman.

Dion Lee

I’m not sure whether I should consider Dion Lee earrings as simple or complicated. However, I paid special attention towards them because they were the only jewelry embellishment at Dion Lee Show. I believe that women who are looking forward to gain a unique look should think of investing money on such a pair of earrings.

Tom Ford

I knew that Tom Ford would never disappoint us at the New York Fashion Week. His 2016 Autumn collection has been influenced by the see now buy now affair. The big brass necklaces received much attention out of them and it would soon become popular among fashion conscious women.

Tory Burch

Last but not least, it’s important to leave a note on Tory Burch collection as well. In fact, the deconstructed fish necklace was the most important piece of jewelry that was offered by Tory Burch. It is ideal for women who want to break the traditional looks of jewelry.