The biggest mistakes done when trying to lose weight

When you eat only fruits between the meals and count the calories from the plate, you follow a strict program of nutrition and you do a lot of sport and you realize by weighting yourself that you did not lose anything. If you don’t lose weight then you must be doing something wrong even though you follow a healthy lifestyle.

One of the errors you possibly do is counting your calories .The more you move the more calories you burn .You have to start doing an exercise routine which gives actual results for your of type organism.

The best idea is to write down everything we eat on a piece of paper and you add little by little. You can measure the amount of food before eating it on a scale. If you choose a sandwich instead of pizza it wouldn’t mean that is healthy. Sandwiches contain mayonnaise, sauces, or toppings of cheese that contain powerful calories.

If you eat non fat or sugar free food that doesn’t mean it has no calories, on the contrary it has more calories than you think. It is wiser to eat food that has more calories but in small quantities rather than big quantities of sugar free food.

Forgetting about cardio exercise is a bad habit. If you exercise the abs only don’t get surprised if you don’t lose weight. The whole body must be exercised and the cardio exercises are the most designated for that. Talking with a fitness trainer would help establish a correct exercise for the body.
Be careful what you snack on .Don’t snack on pop corn because that won’t help you be full it will only add on calories.

Article by Cristina Sandu
Editorial / Writer