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We are accepting modeling submissions for Photo of the Day in both categories Fashion Models and Glamour Models. Simply fill our our form below and if your image gets accepted, we will share it on all our social media channels. Models must be 18 Years old or Over.

Photographers can submit models using this form too. You can send up to 3 photos, we will select the one that works best for our online publication and instagram.

Photo approvals may take up to 7 days, if you need to speed up the revision process, click here. Please note that speeding up the process doesn’t mean your photo will get approved. We do not approve selfies or non-professional photos. We do not approve poor edited photos.

Model Photo Submissions

Fill out this form to submit a Photo of the Day (POTD), Model Gallery or Print Version.

- Photos of the Day POTD Send 3 Images
- Model Galleries Please send 4 Images
- Print Magazine - Please send at least 6 Images

. If you prefer us to select from your Instagram or Facebook account please select Pick Photos From option.

Terms & Conditions

  • We receive many submissions and not all can be published.
  • Original photos only with Photographer's permission
  • Photos must be fashion or glamour modeling related. No Text or Icons on the photos.
  • Photos must be in high quality. Blurry cell phone , photos or selfies are not accepted.
  • The height or width must be at least 1200 pixels.
  • We do not claim exclusive publication rights, ownership or copyright of any photos submitted, just implicit permission to publish them on

Photo Quality

Please add High Quality Images with NO quote Text or Emoji on them. Photographer watermarks are accepted and exclusive photos have more chance of getting published.

Important If you are not able to use the uploader please add a link to your cloud drive (dropbox,box,gdrive, etc).

For Print please send 300DPI with 3000px minimum.

Important: If you are submitting for our Print version please use the cloud link field.

Photos & Credits

Please add all credits, photographer, models, makeup, hair, stylists and any other person or company if any involved in the production of your images. Please include each person's instagram accounts if available.

Please include Model, Photographer and Location. Also If Makeup, Hair Stylist, Fashion Stylist, etc.
Please send the name of your Editorial and tell us more about it. Inspiration, goals, etc.