Michael Abrams NYC

Trained as a theatrical lighting designer, Michael Abrams, brings his talent from the stage to the camera by seeing the “whole” picture. With his specific use of light and shadow, Michael creates not just a photograph but more of an artistic capture of his subjects. Michael’s main goal in each of his sessions is to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease (and maybe have a little fun in the process!). “Stiff and boring” is not in his vocabulary.

Michael Abrams Interview:

How did you get into photography?

By trade I am a theatrical lighting designer, so I got a film camera to document the shows that I designed. In, 2005 I wanted to make some extra money, so I bought a camera to take pictures of theatrical shows. But that didn’t pan out. I started to go on different model sites and then it started from there.

What were the most valuable lessons you learned in Glamour Photography?

Lighting. Lighting is everything.

How to get your models to do what you want?

Respect! When you respect the model it makes for an easier and fun shoot.

When you prepare to take a photo, how do you plan and envision your lighting setups?

I guess I am more of “on the fly” kind of guy. I have a general idea of what I want and then go for it. Especially when doing outside shoots, you never know what kind of lighting you are going to have so you have to adapt to the constant changing situation.

Can you talk a bit about your post-processing methods? What typically do you do at the computer?

Since I shoot in RAW, I use Camera Raw, then head to Photoshop and then if necessary, use Portrait Professional.

To a new photographer looking to break into your line of work, what advice would you give?

Don’t give up. Just keep doing what you love and it will start to pay off.

What goals do you have, photographically? Personally?

Photographically, I want to be able to continue and grow and produce the best images I can for models and non-models. Personally, I just want to live old and be happy doing what I love

Website: http://www.mabramsphoto.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nymaphoto

Contact:[email protected]