Fernanda Leiton

Fernanda LeitonIntermodelo is honored to feature this gorgeous new face model for the 2018 top beauty selections. Fernanda Leiton is not only being recognized for her immense beauty but her glowing personality as well.

With the world today and all its struggles, we feel it is necessary to highlight models who are filled with kindness and truly shine on the inside as much as they do on the outside.

Fernanda strives every day to make everyone around her feel joyful. She really enjoys helping those in the most need. She is also an animal lover and appreciates nature. Fernanda explains that she feels most at peace when she is at the beach and can get her best thinking done while listening to the waves and feeling the sand in between her toes.

Not surprisingly, Fernanda loves spending time with her family. She loves reading interesting books, doing yoga, and believes a good diet is a secret to a healthy figure. Besides being a model, this gorgeous girl is also a talented singer and dancer.

Fernanda is currently studying human resources but also has many modeling goals. She hopes to work with international designers, have her images published in magazines, and get more fashion jobs to boost her career in the industry.

Her long-term goals are to model on a recognized international runway with exclusive designers and grace the cover of a well-known fashion magazine.

We feel confident that this gorgeous girl with all her charm will not only accomplish her goals but also surpass them in the very near future.

Photoshoot by Chalo Garcia