Destiny Capella – Miss Teen National US

Destiny wanted To become a model because she always had a passion to be a fashion model ever since she was a little girl.

Just seeing the beautiful ladies on T.V. and In Magazines made her want to become one of them in her own unique way. Destiny’s goals are to be in print work and eventually get into commercials and possibly acting.

Destiny is very outgoing person, extremely easy to work with, and have and amazing look. She enjoy new challenges and is a team player. She has been in a few photo shoots, competed at national level pageants, charity events, personal appearances, and had print work published and did a commercial when she was a little girl.


What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about writing it comes naturally and I enjoy it.

At what point did you decide you wanted to be a model?
When I was younger I saw the models on television and it made me realize that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to be America’s next top model.

How has participating in pageants shaped your personality?
Pageants have made me realize that there is more to a contestant than just beauty. There is inside beauty that is way more important. Pageants aren’t just about a crown and a banner it’s what you give back to the community as well during your reign Pageants have also helped me open up and become more confident as a person no one is perfect but as long as you try that’s what truly counts. There are no losers because just having the guts to get on that stage makes you a winner. I have made many pageant friends over the years that will be lifelong long friends.

Please describe your favorite experience as a model so far and what made it so special?
My favorite experience as a model so far was when I realized that my dreams were coming true and the way the photographer treated me like I was already a superstar and like family.

How are things different for you this season?
After receiving my title I decided that I really wanted to pursue modeling. I never imagined that I would be where I am this soon in life and I feel like all my dreams are coming true.

What are your goals for your modeling? What’s next for you?
My first goal is to be featured in print work, photo shoots with amazing designers and eventually commercial work. I also hope to be able to branch out into the acting field and maybe perform in a sitcom or a movie.

How about you and Fitness?
To stay fit I play fast pitch softball, I run and I try to maintain a healthy diet well as best as a teenager can.

What type of photography do you most enjoy?
To be completely honest I enjoy taking more serious pictures but once in a while I like to have fun with my pictures and be able to let my personality be expressed through my pictures.

If you could interview a great person, who would it be and why?
It would definitely be Demi Lovato because she’s such an inspiration to the youth. She shows that not everyone’s perfect and that we all have personal problems in life that we must conquer. She shows that you just have to fight through the struggles and life can and will get better if you are willing to push on. She’s over come so much and been open about it to help others and I admire her so much for that.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising.
I enjoy writing actually I love it. Writing is my escape. It helps me express my feelings on paper without being judged and helps me to deal with day to day struggles of being a teenager.

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Destiny Headshot