Chloe New

A fun-loving, passionate, and hardworking model hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. Chloe New is one of those individuals who love to transform her passion into reality with a blend of devotion, a positive attitude, and hard work. Being an agency signed model, Chloe New’s goal is to act as a source of inspiration and motivation for the new and upcoming models and young girls who dream of embarking upon a journey to become a successful and infamous model. From an individual point of view, Chloe New is a kind person who loves to spend time with her family and prefers simplicity in life.

Chloe New also loves to entertain herself with an intellectual habit of reading and likes to dance and watch movies in her leisure time. Chloe New tries her level best to cherish every moment of her life by living the moment and being happy. She believes modeling is an art through which a woman can gain confidence and self-believe. Al least for her modeling has acted in such a way as it has enabled her to become a stronger and confident woman. Her eyes are set on the goal of becoming a world-famous international model and dreams of one day working for major fashion brands such as Bebe, Victoria Secret, and Guess.

Chloe New is quite versatile in her choice and style of photography but personally prefers fashion photography the most. In addition to this, Chloe New is an individual who believes immensely on eating healthy and being fit. Her weekly routine comprises of four days of fitness exercise alongside yoga once a week.

More About Chloe New

How has modeling shaped your personality?

modeling can make you a stronger more confident woman

What are your goals for your modeling?

modeling internationally

What is your favorite photography style?

Commercial, Fashion, Artistic, Glamour, Portrait, etc: I love them all, but fashion has to be my favorite.

Some recommendations you would like to give to our new face models:

Start with a good local agency, never give up and continue to keep moving forward

Your Hobbies: Playing Volleyball
Things you Like:
Dancing, watching movies, reading, spending time with family, going to the beach
Things you DisLike: Negativity, rudeness, bully’s
Top Destinations: Italy, France

Model Details

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Bust & Cup: 32c
  • Waist: 24
  • Hips: 33


  • Fashion Events and Runways
  • Glamour Events and Publications
  • Promotional & Commercial Modeling

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