Andrea Quezada

Andrea Quezada is an experienced fashion, glamour, and lingerie model
currently living in Boca Raton, Florida. She has been modeling for the
past three years and enjoys everything about it. She started out with
fashion shows and has grown tremendously. She especially enjoyed her
experience in the Ms. Latina International Pageant and is working her way
to the Miss Universe stage.

Andrea’s motivation and drive come from her passion for people. She hopes
to be a role model to many throughout her career in modeling. She enjoys
networking and connecting with people and through this, she hopes to do
television hosting as well. She has commercial advertisement experience
already and has been in a couple of music videos for a local artist. She
has a long-term goal of one day shooting in Greece.

Andrea is a dedicated and motivated individual and is currently studying
to become a personal trainer. She stays in shape by not only working out
by eating healthy. She is very athletic and enjoys the gym and dancing.
She was a gymnast for 13 years of her life. Her loyal and loving nature
is reflected in her passion for her family and the Lord. She can be found
spending time with family members and studying the bible in her free time.

Andrea never saw herself modeling because she is not extremely tall but
her beauty and heart have proved that a person such as her, with such a
wonderful strength of character is a necessary complement to the
industry. It’s rare to see such balance in an individual and it will no
doubt propel her career.